Buy Real Birthstones

If you want to change your fate to your favor then you should surely wear a good Real Birthstone. 

It may not give you your coveted promotion but will definitely improve your chances of getting it. 

Now the question is how to ascertain weather a Birthstone is Real or not – for a non Gemologist it is nearly an impossible task to make sure that a Birthstone is REAL or not. The only possible way is to get it tested – now – to get tested by whom – not by a self proclaimed Gemological Laboratory but it should be tested by the trained Gemologists of Indian Gemological Institute at Flatted Factory Complex at Jhendewalan, New Delhi which is under the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India. 

A Real Birthstone, when worn with faith and is energized by regular mantras of the Planet you want to empower can turn the tables in your favor. 

One more caution – never wear a Birthstone that has been used by someone before as the effect that a Birthstone has is by the strength of its AURA which gets polluted when someone wears it and it comes in contact with the AURA of the wearer. 

To Buy Real Birthstone you should go to a Trusted Shop selling Birthstones over a long period and is known for its honest dealings. 

The best place to BUY REAL BIRTHSTONE is Gem Selections, Janakpuri, New Delhi 

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