blue topazBlueTopaz: Blue in colour, this transparent and hard stone takes a high polish and makes a spectacular jewellery stone. Blue Topaz has uniform sky blue colour. Its colour is mostly pale but sometimes it is also intense blue in colour. Occasionally, coming with a grey or a greenish tinge, the Blue Topaz is mostly free of inclusions. Oval is the most common cut but mixed cut, step cut etc. are also used. Benefits: It is a gem that induces sleep and rest. It keeps the temper cool and makes one generous and kind hearted. It improves the financial assets and gives financial stability. This gem enhances sincerity in all relations of life. Quality : Premium 
Blue Topaz Rs. 550.00 Per Ratti, 1100.00 Per Ratti, 2100.00 Per Ratti. 
Category : Mineral
Crystal system : Orthorhombic
Chemical formula : (Mg, Fe)2SiO4
Color : Yellow, to yellow-green, olive-green, to brownish, sometimes a lime-green, to emerald-ish hue
Mohs scale hardness : 6.5–7
Luster : Vitreous
Streak : White
Specific gravity : 3.2–4.3
Refractive index : 1.64–1.70
Blue Topaz 
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blue topaz 

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