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Fate is a very strange thing. Many times when I asked people what is the secret of their success they confide to me that they have done nothing the situations automatically came in life that led to their rise and they were only the puppets that have got fame and riches out of nowhere. 

On the other hand best of our efforts and plans do not yield results. On the contrary, there are times the more hard we try to achieve something – more we get farther from it. 

I put a very interesting case here – One of the famous builders – who is a client of mine – started his career as a helper with an electrician – he is not literate and hails from a family with very low income background to an extent that owning a second hand cycle was just a dream they thought they will never achieve. 

But one day he came in contact with a contractor who started giving him small sub contracts of electrical fittings. He used to repair electrical points in a civil servants house and he started financing his sub contracts and in a matter of 5 years he is reputed builder constructing buildings of 50 crores and above. This simple down to earth person – still preferring ‘Beri’ in private – says that he does not know how this all happened. 

The answer to all these is the secret hand of fate – To get support of this phenomenon called FATE Stones are worn by people - you can see these in the hands of leaders, actors, civil and military officers, business man, industrialist and common man. Wearing these Lucky Stones gives the wearer an edge over his competitor and his efforts are rewarded more than in proportion to his efforts. 

There are around nine Lucky Stones that are termed as precious and other 31 Lucky Stones that are termed as semi precious. 

Wearing Emerald Stone, Ruby Stone, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Coral Stone, Hessonite, Cats Eye, Pearl Stone & White Sapphire does have a positive effect on a persons fate and makes him more lucky – this I have heard from the Astrologers of all types and from all religions. 

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