How Gemstones Work

how-gemstones-workOur physical body is enveloped by an Energy Body which the Veda’s referred to as AURA. This Aura is found around living as well as non living objects. You can feel this Aura and even measure it certain instruments available in the market. Our conscious and sub conscious mind along with our nervous system and other vital organs are greatly influenced by this AURA.

The Gemstones have a strong Aura and are a ready source of Colours that are present in the cosmic rays of the planets and the Aura. 

The Aura around Humans is greatly influenced by the Cosmic Rays which are attracted by the Gemstones and then passed on to Human bodies. 

By wearing Gemstones, we start the process of absorbing additional Cosmic rays of Gemstones so that our Aura starts changing. When our Aura changes – there are changes in our thought process as well as changes in the way people perceive us and our actions.

Wearing the Gemstones that are favourable for you will improve your AURA the people that come in contact with you will start having a different impression about you. This process will always lead to better standing in the Society, Company, Family and so on.