Fresh Water Pearl

Fresh Water PearlFresh Water Pearl is extracted from mussel found in fresh water bodies namely takes and rivers.

Here they live buried or partially buried in sand and gravel.

From these Fresh Water Mussels pearls are extracted. These Pearls are then washed and sorted. Those Pearls that have a uniform shapes and texture are used as ring stones or set in other pieces of Jewellery while the uneven / flamed pearls are used in medicine and cosmetics.

At Gem Selections you can find a unique collection of Fresh Water Pearls these range from Rs. 250 per ratti to Rs. 500 per ratti depending on their quality and weight.

Each Fresh water pearl comes with a Lab Certificate, Vat paid bill and guarantee of originality from Khanna Gems (P) Ltd And its promoter Pankaj Khanna. 

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