Gemstone in india

Gemstones in India

Rig Veda which was created some ten thousand years back and is the oldest book known to mankind gives details of various Gemstones and prays to God that we should be able to acquire them. Since that ancient time India has been the home to all Gemstones. The best Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Pearls, Corals etc etc have been found cut and owned by India. The largest and the best Diamonds of the world like Kohinoor, The Great Mugal, etc have had their honored place in India. 

The Gem Cutting and Polishing Industry has thrived in India since ages in various forms. This has been a craft that has passed down from generation to generation and is ripe and giving fruits today. Best Gemstones and Diamonds are cut and polished in India even today. 

The Gem Cutting and Polishing Industry is thriving today in Jaipur, Surat, Navsari, Alwar, Alipur, Delhi, Patna, Chennai etc. The Gemstones cut and polished here are then traded throughout India and the world. 

As cutting of Gemstones is a great art developed through generations and passed down from father to son it is a very rare knowledge. 

Gem Selections, came into being in 1987 to get these Gemstones cut and polished in the above cutting centers and then distribute them throughout India and the World. We are “Jewellers to Jewellers” and also in the retail trade. We use internet as one of the tools for reaching out far and wide. Our penetration is deep. We are supplying Gemstones in nearly all the Districts of India and in most of the important trading centers across the world. 

Our motto is to be the best destination for Gemstones in the World. 

We have thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world. 

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