Buy Birthstones Online

These days Online Sales are on rise and people prefer getting their requirements at their doorsteps than physically moving to get the product. 
When we are buying a sensitive product like a Birthstone Online we have to be very careful. There are various websites across the World that sell Birthstones Online. But as all the Birthstones are cut and polished in India – buying from a website of any other country will be a waste of money as you will be paying at least 30 to 40 percent extra for the same product from India. 
In India, the company that pioneered the Birthstone Business on Internet is Khanna Gems Private Limited, Janakpuri, New Delhi which sells under two Brand Names “Pankaj Khanna” & “Gem Selections”. 
Buying Birthstones from Gem Selections, Janakpuri, New Delhi is the right choice as you get following advantages: 
1.    The Birthstones pass through the hands of Sh.Pankaj Khanna, who is a trained Gemologist with an experience of 25 years in this trade.
2.    You get a Certificate of Originality from Indian Gemological Institute under the Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India.
3.    You can get Rings and Pendants made as per your choise.
4.    You get Birthstones cheaper by 20 to 30 percent from the market price because at Gem Selections we only deal in Birthstones hence you get the benefit of bulk buying and bulk sales.
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