Precious Stones

A Stone or a Rock is a naturally occurring combination of various minerals normally speaking this is a rough, opaque, hard substance which is resistant to polish or finish. Stones and rocks are found in abundance in nature and the outer layer of earth is made of rock. 

Difference between a Stone and a Gemstone is that a Gemstone is rare – transparent or translucent material, lustrous, can be polished and has an eye pleasing look. 

Again Gemstones are categorized in two parts:
Precious Stones, &
Semi – Precious Stones.

Precious Stones 

Precious Stones are rare Gemstones that are found in nature. List of Precious Stones: 

Panna Stone ( Emerald Stone )
Manik Stone ( Ruby Stone )
Pukhraj Stone ( Yellow Sapphire )
Neelam Stone ( Blue Sapphire )
Hara Pukhraj ( Green Sapphire)
Gulabi Pukhraj (Pink Sapphire)
Safed Pukhraj (White Sapphire)
Gomed Stone ( Hessonite )
Lehsunia( Cat’s Eye)
Moti Stone ( Pearl )
Moonga Stone (Coral Stone)
Heera (Diamond)

These are rare Gemstones in nature and depending on there rariety, size, transparency & luster they can range from few hundred rupees per carat to few lack rupees per carat.