Govt Lab Certified Gemstones

Its director Pankaj Khanna is a renowned Astrologer and Gemologist and all the products sold by Gem Selections are first carefully examined and tested by a team of trained Gemologists under the leadership of Pankaj Khanna. Once they are satisfied that the stones are original and natural gems then each stone is sent to IGI-GTL,the esteemed Government Gem testing Lab in Delhi and only after receiving Government certificate, that the stone is original ,the Gem stone becomes a part of Pankaj Khanna Jee’s coveted collection of Gem stones which has been growing carat by carat since 1987. 

At GemSelections(unit of Khanna Gems private limited) everything is done in a systematic manner where along with original gem and Government Lab Certificate the customer can also get ring or pendent made in our in house manufacturing unit and as all the gemstones are abhimantrit at GemSelections (unit of Khanna Gems private limited) by performing proper rituals by Pankaj Khanna Jee and his team.