Know more about ring size

If you buying any ring before that you need to know your hand figure size, if you know your finger size then your easily find your best ring. If you know your finger size then you can get any ring online. All jewelry websites show they are as per their filter. In the filter, you can choose the size, price, and types of rings. You can also check our website or you can consult our executive, here you can found the different sizes of rings list are available for men & women. Most 5 to 9 size rings are mostly sold or most trending. Women's common ring sizes are 16 mm to 17.3 mm. And for men, the most common sizes are 20 mm to 21 mm.


How to measure your ring size


By using the string you can measure your ring size


With the help of a string, you can easily measure your ring size, this is a very easy trick to measure your ring size, and cut string after that you can choose a ring as per your string.


Choose your ring size as per the size chart 


Ring size also measures with the help of a ring size chart. You can choose your ring size as per the given chart size. And choose a ring as per your match. On our website, you can choose your matching ring with different options.


Measure Ring with your ring size


If the above two methods failed and you’re not able to find your ring size then you don't need to worry about the above method, our third method you can consult with our helpline, and this method is very useful for you. In this method you can use tape, with the help of you can measure your ring size. Given three methods help you to find your ring size.