Eight Mukhi Rudraksha

Eight Mukhi RudrakshaEight Mukhi Rudraksha

Aath (8)Mukhi Rudraksha (code:ARB08)(FOR ANY QUERY ON EIGHT MUKHI RUDRAKSHA, CALL 0091 - 9213932017) Eight Mukhi Rudraksha is a form of Ganesha. This protects the person from problems related to litigation. Eight Mukhi Rudraksha also saves one from accidents and potent enemies. The wearer does not get agitated and controls the mind. In Astrology it is said to remove the malefic effects of Rahu. Quality : Premium, 
Eight Mukhi (Om Humm Namah) 

The Mantra has to be recited on a Rudhraksha mala and should be spoken in such a way that at least you can hear it. Shri Shiv Mahapuran is of the view that Rudhraksha does not give its full results without the use of proper mantras. 

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