The Mystic bead Rudhraksha is highly sacred to the Hindus of all castes / sects and regions. But as some of the Rudhraksha are very costly so some people out of greed try to tamper with the Rudhraksha so as to make them like a more costly member of the family. 


Now, the question before the buyer is how he should check the authenticity of the Rudhraksha.

1. EYE TEST: Look at the bead all the mukhas / faces should look like joined lips and the partitions where the line is visible should be clear and look natural. 

2. EYE GLASS: Sometimes Rudhraksha are faked by removing the thorn like parts from one piece and then sticking it to another. This can be judged by a close examination by a 10x Lens. 

3. WATER TEST: Put the Rudhraksha in boiling water and let it remain there for 20 – 30 minutes. If some faces are tempered with them they shall come off as the glue – fevicol or the like will come off. 

4. SCIENTIFIC TEST: A botanical laboratory or a botanist can test a Rudhraksha and testify its originality. So, if in doubt take the Rudhraksha to a Botanical laboratory and know the facts.