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Yellow Sapphire

The wearer is blessed with children. It gives protection from evil spirits. It is believed that if there are obstructions in getting a suitable match for a girl, she gets married early by wearing a Yellow Sapphire. Blemished gemstones are the cause of many troubles. A stone with cracks invites threats or theft.
Yellow Sapphire is a sparkling gem representing Jupiter. It is traditionally considered as the symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and fortune. Ranging from light canary to ultra golden colors, Pukhraj rings have become more and more popular nowadays. 
Yellow Sapphire of lesser quality comes out of Australia, Thailand, Colombia, Kampuchea, Kenya and Tanzania, and Montana, and we do not usually offer these stones. 
Clarity Ranges from no visible inclusions to moderately included. 
Care & Cleaning Yellow Sapphire is among the most durable gemstones. In its common form, corundum is even used as an abrasive! Clean your sapphire with warm water, detergent, and a soft brush. Yellow Sapphire can be put in ultrasonic or
steam cleaners. 
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If we talk about Yellow Sapphire in hindi then we find the name like Pukhraj.