Manik Sale

Manik Sale

if the sale of doublets as such is to be profitable, the manufacture must use natural Rubies of very inferior colour; and this provides a clue for the wide-awake gemologist, since the chromium lines are berely discernible through the spectroscope which would not be the case were the stone truly of so fine a colour as it appears to be.

when viewed from the correct angle through the spectroscope, absorption bands in the orange reveal the presence of the artificial colouring matter in the junction plane.

Indian artisans are especially known for cutting and polishing very small diamonds, Nearly thirty to forty percent value addition accrues from the exports of diamonds after cutting and polishing them, bringing in substantial foreign exchange for India. 

1. It is the karka of Skeleton System and thus helps strengthening the Bones, Joints and the ligaments. 
2. It is the Gem of Sun, the most powerful body in our solar system, thus it helps achieve power, fame, glory and status. 
3. It gives emotional strength to the person to withstand deceit. It helps in strengthening the person's Bhagya i.e., Fate in people born with Leo i.e., Shimha Lagna, Aries i.e., Mesh Lagna, and Sagittarius i.e., Dhanu Lagna. It is also strongly recommended for people born in Libra i.e., Tula Lagna as the Sun God is the lord of the eleventh house - the house of all round gains. Let us understand the Effect of Ruby Gemstone on various Nakshatras: 

Clarity Ranges from no visible inclusions to moderately included. 

Care & Cleaning Manik is among the most durable gemstones. In its common form, corundum is even used as an abrasive! Clean your Manik with warm water, detergent, and a soft brush. 

Enhancement Manik is often enhanced by heat to intensify its color. Heat enhancement is stable, routine, and does not require special care. 

Manik : At Gem Selections we have a range of Manik i.e., Manik from Rs. 525/ Rt to Rs. 15000/ Rt. 

You can have a look at these collections and decide what you want as per your requirement and budget. 

What ever you buy comes with a Lab Certificate, bill and Guarantee of purity and originality from our company and its promoter Mr. Pankaj Khanna. 

Manik like all Gemstones, is valued according to its Color, Cut, Clarity and Crystal.

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If we talk about Ruby stone in hindi then we find the name like Manik Stone.