Who Can Wear Panna Gemstone







Mercury is giving good results according to your horoscope, you should wear Panna Gemstone. 

You are a business man and want to get success in your business; you can wear an Emerald as Mercury represents the business activities. 
if someone offer you Panna gemstone in cheap price then be careful to buy this Panna gemstone if you are sure then this stone is ok at your end then you have to taste your Panna gemstone in Government Certified Lab. 
This planet also governs the common sense of a person. Powerful Mercury blesses the person with success in life. 
Panna gemstone ensures confidence and enhances positive energy of Mercury. 
Mercury is the planet of communication, business, education, intelligence and intuition. 
It is also a well-known fact that if one ties a Panna gemstone to a Lady's waist during delivery, delivery will be normal and without pain. 

If we talk about emerald in hindi then we find the name like Panna.

 Panna Stone