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    Pukhraj Astrology

    Pukhraj Astrology

    Pukhraj or Pukhraj Stone is a Gemstone that comes in various shades ranging from Light Yellow to Deep Yellow. It is a hard stone so makes an excellent Ring Stone. It does not get scratched easily. I have seen people wearing this stones for 20 to 25 years without a scratch on it. But it is a brittle stone that can break on impact. It is available in three varieties namely:

    1.   Treated Pukhraj,
    2.   Heated Pukhraj and
    3.   Non treated non heated Pukhraj.

    The treated gemstones are the cheapest and the Non treated non heated are the costliest.

    Pukhraj Astrology may seem to be a strange nomenclature but it implies that stream of astrology on the basis of which Pukhraj Stone should be worn. Pukhraj Astrology is very popular in India as the Pukhraj is the Gemstone that is mostly worn in India it is worn for n number of reasons – for timely marriage, comfortable marriage, health, wealth, status, spiritual life and so on.

    No other country uses Pukhraj Stone or Yellow Sapphire to such a great extent. Like Gold, Pukhraj is also mined in many countries but consumed mostly in India. This is the reason why Pukhraj Astrology is most popular in India.

    First House: Jupiter placed in the first house i.e., Ascendant is a very favourable position. It will confer rank, authority, respect, wealth and long life. The person is quite social, loved by his friends, popular within the family, will be courageous and make donations. He will gain from import and export. He gets substantial inheritance, is loved and respected by wife/husband. Wearing a good Pukhraj Stone protects from the evil designs of the enemies and furthers the positive traits of Jupiter.

    Second House: Learned, intelligent, has command over many languages, scholar. Liquid assets are of high order. He gains from business, industry and politics. Jupiter here is eighth from seventh house – this position can lead to extra marital relations or relations that are not sanctioned by society. Disturbances in family life, too much indulgence leading to loss of health etc are regular problems resulting from this position of Jupiter.Wearing a good Pukhraj Stone can reduce the malefic external influences and lessen the problems of married life.

    Third House: Jupiter being the karka of second house placed in third house makes this second house very strong and the person amasses huge liquid assets. He gains from travel, writing, research, talks, consultations, socializing. People develop a strange love and respect for this person though they envy him also. Money comes easily but still the person has to undergo a lot of struggle in life. He is a very capable negotiator and can handle very difficult situations in cool and composed manner. Even in most difficult times these people can dream big and work to achieve those dreams.

    In these cases wearing a Light Yellow Sapphire or Treated Pukhraj will be very beneficial.

    Fourth House: Jupiter in the fourth house is a very good position. It bestows on the person Raj Yoga in its own capacity. Respected like a King, famous, wealthy, charitable, respected even by enemies due to status, business, industry or education. Generally, good natured God fearing people are seen with this combination. These people can not be misled easily. Jupiter is this house gives joy from properties – he gets all possible comforts but suffers from anxiety. General health of these people is good and life is generally comfortable.
    A strong Pukhraj with a positive Aura is beneficial for these people. Donation of yellow bananas should be a regular ritual for these people.

    Fifth House: Fifth house is the house of fame and luck. If Jupiter is placed in the Fifth House the person gains from love affairs, has very dutiful and prosperous sons, has a respectable family name. One has an expanding family and respect in the society due to religious bent of mind. Some the person is at the right place in right time and thus gets huge financial gains. One of my clients wanted to get rid of his shares but lost them by the time he got them – the share prices had gone up by 10 times. I have seen that sheer luck picks up these people from nowhere and puts them at a pedestal that amazes every body around.
    These people should wear a Big YYellow Sapphire i.e., Pukhraj Stone of 7 to 11 carats in a Gold ring in the index finger of right hand.

    Sixth House: For Doctors and Lawyers this is a favorable position for Jupiter to be in but for most of the people this is not a very favorable position as it increases the number and strength of the enemies. Too many people try to harm this person, many times, due to no particular reason. The upper abdomen is the weak area of the body for these people. Thus, liver problems and problems in pancreas is often seen. Living in alien lands or with alien people suffering due to cultural problems is often the result of this combination. Medical and legal expenses can be the reason for most of the troubles that this person may face.

    Seventh House: Seventh House is the house of marriage and being the tenth from tenth has an impact on profession as well. If Jupiter is placed here it bestows on the person a happy married life and great success in the chosen profession. But due to the nature of Jupiter which increases the karkatwa’s of the house it is placed in, it may lead to more than one marriage or extra marital affairs.This position of Jupiter can also lead to a situation where the person may have a good family life but still have some relations outside the marriage, some disturbances in married life due to these relations will no doubts come up.

    Wearing a Yellow Sapphire i.e., Pukhraj Stone is always helpful in these cases. It gives a high status in professional life and stable personal life.Natives having this position of Jupiter can wear more than one Pukhraj Stone as rings and as pendants.

    Eighth House: Jupiter placed in Eighth House is a gives excessive material desires. Married life is good and one gets all kinds of benefits from spouse. Family has wealth but the person has little gains from it. Strong institution and gift of fine arts is visible. The person is blessed with a long life. But early life is marred by troubles due to maternal relations. The financial problems keep on coming up in life even after hard work and complete sincerity. Excessive sexual desire is the results from this combination – if not checked it can lead to social and health problems.

    Pukhraj Stone i.e., Yellow Sapphire is greatly beneficial for these people. One should wear a Triangular Lemon Topaz of 21 ratti in addition to Pukhraj for best results.

    Ninth House: Jupiter has a tendency to increase the effects of the House it is placed in. As ninth house is the house of legacy and Bhagya – Jupiter placed here makes a person lucky. Fortune favors him in all its endeavors. He is blessed with long life. He is generous, wealthy and intelligent and gains through foreign lands. He gains respect in the society with little efforts. A basic Raj Yoga is formed by this placement itself. I have seen people with this combination born in poor families getting strong support of fate and leading a very comfortable and respectable lifes. Wearing a Yellow Sapphire i.e., Pukhraj Stone gives them an even stronger Raj Yoga. If unable to afford a Pukhraj then they should wear a Triangular Lemon Topaz of 21 ratti in a panch dhatu pendant.

    Tenth House: This placement of Jupiter is seen in the charts of IAS officials, Politicians, big Industrialists, Judges and Religious Leaders. If in addition to Jupiter – Sun and Saturn are also well placed then the person will live very close to hall of power – will enjoy the power and position of a person of royal family. Helpful to people, benevolent he is liked by all in the society.
    Gains from the family of birth – money and means of earning money are at one’s disposal from the very beginning of life. So while his counterparts are still struggling he starts earning, accumulating and enjoying wealth. Opponents to these people get weak and ineffective. Victory and glory come to him naturally.

    Wearing a Pukhraj Stone of high quality along with a Triangular Lemon Topaz of 21 Ratti can turn the further enhance the positive effects of planet Jupiter.

    Eleventh House: Means of earning are especially strong. To be more precise the word used in Hindu Astrological Texts is ‘If a strong Jupiter is placed in the Eleventh House and is well aspected with the lord of the eleventh house being well placed then the person gets all round gains in life’. Here the sages talk of not just money or professional achievements but of all gains – a happy personal life, respect and fame in the society, good health, a good looking – loving wife, capable and fortunate children, status, wealth, luxuries, valor etc.

    Saraswati Puja and wearing of Pukhraj Stone improves the results of this placement of Jupiter.

    Twelfth House: Jupiter placed here gives losses, excessive expenditures, loss of name, health problems – but at the same time spiritual strength. Moksha is achieved by the person whose Jupiter is placed in the Twelfth House. One must remember that Jupiter governs higher moral sentiments and humanitarian qualities. A King under the influence of Jupiter will be a father figure for the subjects.

    In this position of Jupiter one should worship a Silver Shree Yantra with a Pukhraj Stone fixed on it and chant OM! GRAAM GREEM GROOM SAH GURUVE NAMAH 108 times in a single sitting daily. Along with this wearing a Peela Pukhraj will be beneficial.

    Pankaj Khanna

                  CEYLON -PUKHRAJ                                    BANGKOK - PUKHRAJ

    A - Quality - Rs. 31000/Rt  
    A - Quality - Rs. 5100/Rt  
    B - Quality - Rs. 18000/Rt  
    B - Quality - Rs. 4100/Rt  
    C - Quality - Rs. 11000/Rt  
    C - Quality - Rs. 3100/Rt  
    D - Quality - Rs. 8100/Rt.  
    D - Quality - Rs. 2100/Rt.  
    E - Quality - Rs. 4100/Rt.  
    E - Quality - Rs. 1100/Rt.
    F - Quality - Rs. 2100/Rt.  

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