Hard, tough and durable, Onyx is ideal for carving and engraving or fashioning into beads, spheres and bowls, making paper weights, pen holders, book ends and boxes. Used in inexpensive jewellery Onyx is also used for stone inlay work. With its consecutive layers of different colours, it makes excellent material for cameos and some variegated pieces are used for the carving of multi-coloured figurines. Benefits: Used instead of Emerald, Onyx gives good comprehension power and the power to deeply analyse a situation before reacting to it. Mostly used by astrologers to give better business acumen and management skills. Who should wear it? People interested in politics should use it. It restores confidence in life and love. And though it comes in different shades like red, blue, green, yellow, black and white, but astrologically the best suited for wearing, as a ring stone is green onyx. 

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