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White Opal 


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Black fire opal

Opal is an opaque stone, with a see through surface and some minute tinges of Colours in it that give it its famous firing. Benefits: This gem is said to bestow beauty, power and financial prosperity. This improves intuition and helps magnetize others. It also helps in winning court cases and gives stability in life. Who Should Wear It: E especially good for those engaged in business connected with travel, tourism and import/export. It is an excellent gem for those born in the month of October as it turns them more loving and affectionate in personal and family life. 
Opal Gemstone
Opal or Opal Gemstone is a popular Gem of Venus i.e., Shura. This Gemstone is mainly found in Australia. It is found in various varieties like White Opal, Fire Opal and Black Opal. 
Opal Gemstone if worn in silver and in accordance with the laid down procedures increases the strength of Venus and there by gives worldly pleasures. The wearer is able to get wealth, family happiness, children, fame and respect. The noted Indian film star Ashwaria Rai Bachan is always seen with this ring in her right hand index finger. It gave her stability and completeness in personal life. This gemstone has saved many marriages breaking. There are many cases in which a person has the required money or resources still he is not able to have material comforts of life, love and personal touch is simply missing. In such cases wearing an Abhimantrit Opal can bring about great change in life. I have come across many cases where this Gemstone has revived the personal lives of women and brought love and romance back. 
Artists working in TV, films, theater and the like should always wear this Gemstone for fame and recognition. 
People in whose horoscopes – Venus is Yogkarka, Ascendant Lord, Rashi Lord, or Bhagyakarka should wear an Opal Gemstone. This Gemstone does not have any side effects. 
Opal Gemstone is also widely used in Jewellery. It makes an excellent ring stone and pendant stone as its various colours allow it to be worn with any kind of cloths. Europe is the main market for Opals – the fascination of white women for opals is simply insatiable. So these Opals are found in Australia, cut and polished in India and exported in finished form to Europe. 
White Opal      Rs. 550.00 Per Ratti 
Fire Opal      Rs. 1100.00 Per Ratti 
Black Opal      Rs. 4000.00 Per Ratti 
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Opal Stone 
Color : Yellow, White, Red, Black, Green, Brown, Blue and Coloreless.
Fracture : Conchoidal
Crystal system : Amorphous
Mohs scale hardness : 5.5–6
Luster : waxy
Streak : White
Specific gravity : 2.15 Refractive index : 1.42–1.43 
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