This is the first encyclopedia on gemstones which will provide details about the mining, cutting and finishing of Gemstones, their use in Jewellery, Astrology, healing and ayurvedic properties.

This book is a must for anyone who wants to explore the mystic behind the gemstones and want to benefit from its use.

An easy-to-use book that shows how anyone can learn to identify most of the gems and synthetics found in the marketplace. This practical book is essential reading for collectors, dealers, or students alike on how to avoid costly mistakes and recognize profitable opportunities and also for the people who want to understand the relation between Gemstones& Astrology.

Why this Book...?
Mr. Pankaj Khanna  has combined Astrology & Gemmology in a unique way in this book. Yes, there are many books on Gemmology & Astrology but they are written by either Gemologists or Astrologers. While the books written on Astrology do talk about Gemstones but the people who have written those books have no knowledge of Gemmology. Mr. Pankaj Khanna is an Expert Gemmologist & Astrologer. For more than 3 Decades, Mr. Pankaj Khanna has been successfully running his Gemstones brand "Gem Selections" and has also been practicing Astrology.  
This book is the ultimate knowledge bank for Gemstones and also the mystic surrounding them.

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