This wood improves the concentration of mind .Its paste is applied to cure inflammations and headaches .It is also used as tonic.This mala is used to chant the name of Hanumanji.Itgives one control over senses and energises the body. Highly recommended for students .

Price : Rs.350/-







japa malaSAPHATIC MALA Code:  ASS 04, Code:  ASA 04.

The gem sphatic has a quality to be able to remain cooler than the room temperature. This is worn to make a person remain cool under stress. This gem awakens the healing powers and gives extra sensory powers to the wearer. Used for chanting the mantras of Venus (Shukra ).This mala is also said to improve one’s capability to retain what is read.

Price : Rs.601/-





japa mala


This is the combination of the powers of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.It should be worn to achieve detachment from the material world and at the same time to control it.People who want to acquire a higher status in life and develop influence on the people they get in touch should wear it. This is also used by people who want higher powers through Reiki ,Pranic healing etc.

Price : Rs.650/-







japa mala


This is a rosary which is used to chant the name of Lord Shiva . It gives peace of mind ,controls the blood pressure and also strengthens the mind . In Ayurveda this is used to cure epilepsy .This mala is widely used to awaken the Kundalini Shakti ..

Price : Rs.501/-







japa mala

PEARL MALA , Code:  ASS 08.

Pearl String Code: ASS 08This string is Natural Fresh Water Pearls. Pearl beads are very good for chanting the name of Vishnu and all his incarnations. It improves the glow in the skin and makes it vibrant. It improves the natural beauty of the wearer. This string improves the imagination, power of expression and the skill of handling people...

Price : Rs.4100/-




japa mala

MAGNET MALA ASS 09 Laxmi ji, Code:  ASI 11.

This is a 108 bead string made of Natural Magnets. Wearing it controls the blood pressure - both high and low and improves the general health of the wearer. It improves the magnetism of the person, especially for the opposite sex. It gives the wearer an unfair advantage in rivalry over gaining the admiration of the opposite sex. The legendry Cleopatra was said to wear numerous magnets on her body.. 

Price : Rs.1100/-






japa malaTIGER EYE MALA, Code:  ASS 10. 

Tiger eye mala is used to chant the name of rahu – i.e., 108 lines in morning before 7.30 A.M OM’ OM’ RAHAVE NAMAH. The regular chant of this name draws out the energy out of one’s enemies. The person is able to rise and show his valour. Though often feared Rahu is capable of giving the top heights to a person..

Price : Rs.601/-





japa mala


Those who want to get all that the life can hold out to them – want to follow the Hindu philosophy of life – which talks of DHARAM, ARTH, KAM, MOKSHA. Chant Gaytari mantra on this mala and wear it also. This is the mala which brings material wealth and gives one comfort and luxuries comparable to that of INDRA – The king of all Gods.

Price : Rs.6100/-




japa mala

CORAL MALA, Code:  ASI 14.

“Fortunes favour the Brave” this is an old saying and its truth can be seen even today around us.  The jap of Mahabali Hanuman on this mala by chanting - BHOOT PRAET NIKET NAHAI AWAWE HANUMAN JO NAM SUNAVE – gives one inner strength – bravery and calm of a brave man.  A brave man is not perturbed by opposition and fighting all odds he is calm and steady.  Ved Vayas the writer of Mahabharata points out that Bhima the great warrior never used to breathe heavily while fighting with his famous Gadha and due to this reason he could finish off his enemies with ease.

Price : Rs.6000/-



japa mala

KALA HAKIK, Code:  ASS 16.

Wearing this mala helps one fight the evil effects of Nazar and Black Magic. A regular Jap of OM! CHAMUNDAI NAMAH. 108 times on this mala in a Single sitting reduces the evil effects of Rahu, Ketu and Shani at the same go. It protects from Tantra and gives the person unique power of synergy with nature.

Price : Rs.1100/-

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