Weight : 10.08 Carat
Weight : 8.43 Carat
Weight : 12.39 Carat
Weight : 18.69 Carat
Weight : 11.10 Carat
Weight : 15.73 Carat
Weight : 11.22 Carat

Feroza is one of the few Gems outside the "Nine Precious Gems" that has a huge demand both for Astrological purposes and in Jewellery. 
A gemstone with soft hue - pleasing to eyes and pocket friendly. It is recommended to people facing bouts of high temper causing them much damage in life. This stone is especially recommended to people that face reversals in love again and again. The Gemstone for Venus and recommended to people born in Taurus and Libra ascendants 
I have been recommending Feroza to people suffering from heart aces, problems in love affairs, depressions etc. This Gemstone being related to Venus also improves creativity and Krishma of the wearer. 
In Jewellery it is used in making strings and cabochons that are then set in silver and gold Jewellery. The traditional Rajasthani Jewellery had small gemstone of Feroza, Moonga, Moti, Panna, Manik and Hira Polki. 
In troubled marriages this is a golden remedy. If husband - wife have compatibility problems then wearing a Feroza by both of them can greatly change the scene. 
My Guruji considered it a spiritual stone and kept his right hand on a big piece of this Gemstone while meditating. One of his pupils who was very active faced huge problems in entering the meditative trance - now this was very necessary for the education he was imparting to us so he suggested that he should hold the big Feroza Stone all day in his hand. After this he was able to meditate in 5 days. Such are the unique powers possessed by this gemstone. 
One well known actor named Salman Khan wears this Feroza Gemstone in a chain like silver bracelet. Due to this it is becoming very popular with young Indian males. 
Pankaj Khanna
Who should wear a Feroza. 
1. Those having love affairs must wear this Gemstone.
2. People who get stressed very quickly can benefit from this Gemstone.
3. If a person wants to reach high levels in Spiritual life then this Gemstone is beneficial to him.
4. Cinema artists and aspiring artists gain a lot of confidence by wearing a good Feroza 
Benefits of Wearing an Feroza. 
1. Gives peace of mind.
2. Improves creativity.
3. Improves attractiveness.
4. A good Feroza Gemstone if worn in a pendant can give man an unfair advantage in dealing with females.
5. Chronic head aces can be cured by regular use of a good Feroza Stone 
Mantra for Feroza.
How to wear an Feroza?
Finger for Feroza.
When to wear an Feroza?
Feroza Rs. 350.00 Per Ratti. 
Category : Phosphate minerals
Chemical formula : CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O
Strunz classification : 08.DD.15
Color : Blue, blue-green, green
Crystal system : Triclinic
Crystal habit : Massive, nodular
Mohs scale hardness : 5-7
Luster : Waxy to subvitreous
Streak : Bluish white
Specific gravity : 2.6-2.9
Pleochroism : Weak
Optical properties : Biaxial (+)
Refractive index : 1.610, 1.615, 1.650
Weight :-  
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