Buy Gems

Gemstones are extremely expensive and it is very difficult to differentiate between genuine and fake gemstones. At the same time, there are many unscrupulous elements out there who cheat unsuspecting people by selling them fake stones or blemished stones at exorbitant prices. This is the reason it is necessary to be very careful when you BUY GEMS. Always buy gemstones from a reputed and respected jeweler. At the same time, if you buy gemstones in India, you should always insist on a certificate proving that they are genuine and that they are worth the amount that is being charged to you. These certificates are provided by reputed and reliable organizations and they are ample proof of the quality of the gemstones.
When people buy gems each person has their own preferences, some people prefer stones that have a perfect cut, while others simply go for the gemstones which are brilliant in color and clarity. Some occasions like weddings demand that the gemstones used in the jewelry should complement the ensemble as a whole. There are other parameters as well on the basis of which gemstones are distinguished. The precious gemstones are the best and the most expensive. These gemstones have always been the preference of connoisseurs and are exquisite. It is quite difficult to buy these gemstones at an affordable price whether you buy gemstones in India or anywhere in the world.
The precious and exquisite gemstones are usually reserved to be flaunted on special occasions. The color, clarity and cut of such gemstones are perfect and it is quite difficult to find such gemstones in the market. However, semi precious stones also have a charm of their own. So if you want to BUY GEMS but cannot afford the precious stones, you can opt for the semi precious stones. These stones can be as beautiful and attractive as the precious stones. The only problem is that most of the times the color, texture and cut of these semi precious stones might not really be at par with the precious stones. However, if you have a limited budget these might prove to be a good idea if you buy gemstones in India or elsewhere.
It is always best to opt for Natural Gemstones because these will remain valuable for a long time to come. There are artificial options to choose from as well but you may not be completely satisfied with the quality of these artificial stones. However, whatever your choice may be always opt for the best quality of gemstones and do not settle for a low quality if you can afford it.
Nowadays it is possible to BUY GEMS of good quality, both precious as well as semi precious stones online. There are many reliable online stores that sell good quality gemstones and provide the necessary certification which proves the quality of gemstones if you buy gemstones in India or anywhere else. All you need to do is conduct some research on the internet and you will be able to find a number of options which will help you to compare different sites and their offers and help you to make an informed decision.
Buying a Gem
1.  Decide the weight of the Gem in advance.
2.  Select a Shop that specializes in Gems and do not buy from Pundits or Goldsmiths.
3.  Find out weather the Shop owners are Gemologists or simply traders buying from someone – not knowing what they buy and selling it to trusting customers.
4.  Take a formal bill with VAT/ Sales Tax details.
5.  Try to gain some knowledge from some authentic books about the Gem.
6.  Real Gemstones are valuable and you will need to spend a good amount on them.
When you actually go to buy a Gemstone you should see the following factors:
A.  Clarity: When you BUY GEMS the clarity is a very important criterion. A clear Gemstone is Rare in nature and because of its rareness it is costly. Precious Gemstones that do not have any inclusions even under 30X magnification are rare and are very highly priced.
B.  Size: A gemstone above 500mg size are costly and those that are above 2.2gm are very costly. The reason is again the same – rarity – and demand & Supply. 
C.  Luster: A stone to come in the category of a Precious Gem should have LUSTER. The more lustrous a GEM – rarer it is and hence more costly.
D.  Colour: The colour is a very important criterion. The colour should be eye pleasing.