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Zambian Panna

Panna Stone from African Country of Zambia is called Zambian Panna. Zambian Panna is of Dark colour Green colour with a bluish tinge coloure of Zambian panna is often compared to the colour of Neem Leaf. 
It is widely used in Jewellery and as an Astrological Gemstone. 
At Gem Selections one can get all qualities and siges of Zambian Panna. The Price ranges from Rs. 1100 per ratti to Rs. 41000 per ratti. The siges available are 2.25 Rt to 11.25 Rt. If you need Gemstones of bigger or Smaller siges then they can also be arranged. 
All Gemstones at Gem Selections come with Govt. Lab Certificate, Vat paid Bill and a Guarantee of originality from Khanna Gems (P) Ltd and its promoter Mr. Pankaj Khanna.
Zambian Panna
Source of Zambian Panna
The source of Zambian Panna is The Republic of Zambia or Zambia as it is called. It is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. Its capital city is Lusaka. Zambian Panna is found in Kafubu River area deposits (Kagem Mines) about 45 km southwest of Kitwe city. 
Astrological Uses of Zambian Panna
The Zambian Panna is a green gemstone with a tint of blue in it. It is used in Hindu Astrology for strengthening the planet Mercury or Budh as it is called in Hindi. 
Budh or Mercury is the Gemstone of Lord Ganesha. In the Southern part of India the Idol of Lord Ganesha was made from Panna Stone. Even on date ancient idols of Ganesha made of Panna Stone are available in Southern India. Zambian Panna is recommended for those born in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius, Taurus and Libra. 
The main purpose of wearing any gemstone, as per Hindu Astrology, is to improve the BHAGYA or LUCK of the wearer as it is a phenomenon of prime importance but difficult to understand. Zambian Panna is the Bhagya Rattan for those born with their ascendant as Aquarius, Taurus and Libra. 
As per the Hindu Astrology additional benefits one gets by wearing a Zambian Panna are: 
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1. Control on nervous system,
2. Collection of fixed & liquid wealth,
3. Better decision making,
4. Improvement of communication skills. You can see this gem on right hand little finger of many famous actors,
5. Family relations improve due to calm behavior,
6. Deterrence is created for enemies,
7. Mathematical abilities and memory is improved.
8. Better muscular control leading to improvement in physical actions like outdoor games.
9. Helps one get political power,
10. Very helpful in entering into a phase of deep meditation.
How to wear a Zambian Panna
Get the Zambian Panna fixed in a ring or pendant or a bracelet made of silver or gold from a reliable establishment. When you bring it home dip it in a bowl filled with desi ghee.
Take it out on a Thursday morning, wash it with Ganga Jal mixed with saffron and place it in your right hand palm. Now chant the Budh Mantra which is “Om! Braam Breem Broom Sah Budhai Namah” 108 times in a single sitting using an onyx mala of 108 beads. 
Then wear the Zambian Panna and feel the Lord Ganesha on your side. 
The ring of Zambian Panna is worn on the right hand little finger. 
Where to buy Zambian Panna
You must buy a Zambian Panna from a trusted store with a history of integrity and trust. The purchase should be from a Specialized Gem Shop of repute and history buying from Goldsmiths or Astrologers should be avoided as a certificate from a Govt. Lab and bill must accompany a proper purchase of a Zambian Panna
Upkeep of Zambian Panna
A Zambian Panna, is a good Jewelry gemstone and if properly cared for, can last for generations giving out same sparkle and luster that it originally has. 
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Following points must be followed so that your Zambian Panna does not loose its surface shine and polish:
1. Chipping is always a great risk in Zambian Panna so be careful that you never drop it or hit it against a hard surface.
2. When you remove a Zambian Panna, wash it with mild soap and water from all sides and then apply little coconut oil or olive oil on it and wrap it in a thick paper or cloth.
3. You should store your Zambian Panna or jewelry affixed with Zambian Panna separately and never in contact with Diamonds, Sapphires etc as these gemstones, can scratch a Panna.
4. A Zambian Panna should be kept away from direct heat and never exposed to harmful rays.
5. Washing Zambian Panna with hard detergents and cleaning it with hard metal brush is a strict no no.
6. The Zambian Panna has a very absorbing AURA so it should never be taken along to a place where there is extreme sorrow because its AURA will get disturbed. 
Mantra for Zambian Panna
Hindu Astrology recommends the use of various Mantras for empowering different planets and their Lords. To strengthen Panna the Beej Mantra used is ‘Om! Braam Breem Broom Sah Budhai Namah’ 108 times on a 108 bead Onyx Mala. 
The other mantra used is of Lord Ganesha, the ruling deity of the planet Budh. This Mantra is ‘Om! Gan Gan Patai Namah’ chanted 108 times in a single sitting daily on a green Onyx mala of 108 beads or with 108 blades of Dub Ghas.
Price of Zambian Panna
Zambian Panna is generally is a valuable Panna. It is seen less in retail market due to various reasons. The price of this Panna starts from Rs.450 per ratti and goes upto Rs.41000 per ratti. 
Good quality Zambian Panna is a precious gemstone. It makes an excellent ring stone and is set in Jewelery along with Diamonds. 
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Setting of Zambian Panna
Panna is a soft gemstone so setting it in a ring or any other piece of Jewellery is not a job of a novice. It needs extreme care and experience as even a little mistake can damage the precious Panna and leave it Inclusions in Zambian Panna 
Cutting of Zambian Panna
Though Zambian Panna is found in the African country named Zambia but its rough is brought to India and is cut and polished in the Khambhat region of Gujarat State of India. 
The cutting of Zambian Panna involved following steps: 
1. Washing: The Rough Emerald is washed so that the calcium hydroxide (Chuna), soil and other foreign elements are removed from it.
2. Bruiting: The process of removing the other hard materials with the help of a chisel or a cutting tool attached to a motor.
3. Rounding: The unevenness of the pieces of a Zambian Panna are removed and a half round shape is made this is called as GHAT in the local dialect. This process is performed by the help of lead plates fixed on a motor base and the abrasive used is 
4. Faceting: The Ghats are then shaped with little cuts called faceting. Faceting brings the real glow and fire in a gemstone. 

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