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White Sapphire
White Sapphire : At Gem Selections we have a range of White Sapphire i.e., Safed Pukhraj from Rs. 2100/ Rt to Rs. 31000/ Rt.

White Sapphire is one of the precious gemstone associated with Uranus planet. This stone is the birthstone for Gemini sun sign. According to Indian astrologers white sapphire (safed pukhraj) stone strengthens Venus (Shukra) and therefore is the rashi ratna for Taurus (Vrish) and Libra (Tula).

It is one of the best alternatives to diamonds as it appears quite similar to this precious stone. The White Sapphire represents class, elegance and style. It is important to buy untainted and pure White Sapphire gemstones to reap its beneficial features.

The White Sapphire gemstone enhances possibilities of wealth and luck. It is also known to offer protection against evil spirits and black magic. People born under the sun sign of Taurus and Libra are advised to wear the white Sapphire gemstone for good luck and prosperity. Buy White Sapphire to get happiness and prosperity in your life.

Benefits of White Sapphire

* White Sapphire brings wisdom and strength to the wearer.
* This gemstone increases the quality of fairness, durability and objectivity.
* It is also a token of pure and lasting love.
* Safed Pukhraj increases communication and sensuality.
* White gemstone heals the crown chakra and the nervous system.

Who should wear white sapphire?

Safed pukhraj is most beneficial for people who are working in the field of fashion, art, culture, music or other creative activities. This gemstone is beneficial for those who are married as it helps making the relationship more cordial, more understanding, more romance in their life.

Why should wear white sapphire?

This gemstone has the power to bestow the bearer with art, love, marital bliss and prosperity. People having zodiac signs as Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius can also wear white sapphire. You can wear the gemstone in a ring or a bracelet or a pendent etc. it should be worn in the ring finger of the left hand for left handed people and right hand for the right handed people. During the shukla paksh or waxing moon on a friday morning it should be worn after purifying it in milk, honey and pure water.


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