Zircon (AD): Looks like diamond and shines more than it. But unlike diamond, it shines only for a flash of a second, after which it looks dull and pale. Widely used in astrology as a substitute of diamond, Zircon is said to enhance beauty and attractiveness of a person. It makes an excellent ring stone and is thus widely used in jewellery also. Benefits: It gives added popularity in social circles and appreciation by members of the opposite sex. It improves prestige and protects him from jealousies and rivalries and plots hatched by one's enemies Quality : Premium 
Zircon is found many coloures like red, pink, yellow, or black. Zircon may also be coloreless. 
Zircon (AD) Rs. 110.00 Per Ratti. 
Natural Zircon 
Name: From the Arabic "zar", gold, plus "gun", coloured, referring to one of the many colors that the mineral may display. 
Dimorph of: Reidite 
Formula: ZrSiO4 
System: Tetragonal 
Member of: Zircon Group 
Lustre: Adamantine, Vitreous, Greasy
Colour: Colourless, yellow, grey, reddish-brown, green, brown, black, 
Hardness: 7½ 
Zircon is found in the most metamorphic rocks as small crystals mostly widely distributed and rarely more than 1% of the total mass of the rock. 
Natural Zircon Rs. 2100.00 Per Ratti.