Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst stone represents the Mercury planet is known for its holistic healing properties. Those seeking spiritual serenity, higher self-esteem, and physical strength must buy it. It is known to have no negative effects on its wearer and can be worn by anyone to achieve a stress-free life. It bestows the wearer with the ability to face life with confidence and a positive attitude. There are a lot of benefits of wearing garnet stone such as grants physical, emotional, and spiritual balance in life, blesses with emotional healing and clarity, improves concentration, low self-belief or communication, boost love and harmony in relationships. For its physical healing powers, Green Amethyst is known to have healing properties to benefit skin infections, blood and immunity ailments. It is also considered helpful for people dealing with depression, anxiety and stress. Most people are not familiar with Green amethyst and will quickly assume it to be only a purple gemstone. Green Amethyst has a soft yet sparkly green colour that makes it stand out. If you want to buy Green Amethyst without worrying about the authenticity of the stone, then trust GEM SELECTIONS. An esteemed and the only Trusted Brand for Govt. Lab Certified Gemstones, obtained through natural means, and are processed in well-equipped labs. Our gemstones pass stringent quality checks in order to ensure their quality and durability.