Why south sea pearls are expensive

About sea south pearls: South sea pearls are very expensive and if you don’t know about them the value could often be puzzling. Between the individual pearls, the worth may very extensively and south sea pearls are the most costly type of pearls. South sea pearls could be white, golden, and black in color. The black pearl which is also called Tahitian pearl is formed in a black-lipped oyster. The gold-colored pearls are formed in the oyster called golden lipped oyster and the white pearls are formed within the white-lipped oyster. These types of pearls are the most costly cultivated pearls. The white and gold type of pearl is the most expensive.

Important factors that affect the price of pearl: 

The pearls which are rarest and are highly in demand are most valued. The value of a pearl also depends upon its size, the bigger the pearl higher is its price. The color is another factor that affects the price of a pearl. Pearls which are darker in color and colors like gold which are rare are more expensive. Pearls that have well defined rounded shape are expensive than pearls that are not. The shine and luster also affect the price of the pearl. The pearls which have flat surfaces are also more valuable than others. Another most important factor for the value of a pearl is that whether it is a natural or a cultivated pearl. The natural pearl is found in the sea. They are founded by the oyster divers who go to the surface of the sea to find the natural pearls. Cultivated pearls are cultured by using farming techniques, as they are also real pearls but they are less rare than the natural founded pearls. Pearls are being founded for so many years from the sea surface and therefore they are close to extinct. Now, these days they are difficult to find from the sea surface and for this rarity, natural pearls are mostly more costly than cultivated pearls.