Gemstones are a gift of nature and are magical in themselves. However, their true potential is realised by man’s touch – the cutting which releases the internal fire of the stone and creates the mesmerizing scintillation which makes a gem so enticing to the human eye. 

Let’s explore the wondrous and highly skilled process that turns a rare rough gemstone crystal into a work of art:

The Rough

The whole process begins with the rough crystal.Crystals come in many different shapes and forms. Some are still in their “crystal habit”, others have been broken by the mining process or by nature itself with the twisting of the rock in which it formed.

Preshaping & Dopping

Next comes preshaping – this is a skilled art. It is done “freehand” – the cutter holds the rough stone in his hand and grinds it using a spinning wheel called a “lap” primed with diamond powder. This will produce the very basic shape of the cut.


This is where the real magic is performed. Hundreds of tiny faces or “facets” are placed on the table and pavilion of the pre shaped rough. This is an incredibly skilled and specialized talent which takes many years to perfect – experienced master cutters are a cherished breed.

Light Leakage

Stones with light leakage commonly display a “window” – a dull, unreflective area which severely compromises the stone’s beauty. So the cut has to be styled to minimize that leakage.

Creating a gemstone is an absolute art. It takes years of practice to hone this art. We should value all the hands through which the gemstone has passed before reaching our fingers. This art definitely deserves recognition.


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