History of Pearls

Natural pearl gemstones are unique, and the most expensive gemstones as compared to other gemstones Because Pearls games are made from the sea, not from the earth, only then they are more valuable. You know that pearls are called Queen of Gemstones, pearls also have a history and people who wear pearls must know this history well, you know that according to history, pearl jewelry like a necklace, chain, etc. is one of the very original jewelry. And let us tell you, it is the most expensive and most beautiful jewel in the world.

Before the early 1900 century, all jewelry made of natural pearls was very expensive and then 1900 century culture pearls were manufactured. Then jewelry made from this pearl is slightly cheaper than jewelry made from natural pearls. Nowadays, women who wear pearl jewelry make about 50 to 60 pieces of cataract, which can cost from $ 400 to $ 6000.

History of the world’s most expensive gemstone

Natural pearls used to be the most valuable games in the world before the 1900 century, so this precious jewelry was banned by Julius Caesar at that time for all the women in the bottom to wear it and wear it. At that time, the value of jewelry made from natural pearls was much higher than the prices of other made jewelry, then it was not enough for everyone to buy this natural pearl, and the person wearing it is very rich.

Since ancient times, the pearl is considered the most valuable and also a symbol of perfection. It is the world's first, and most precious gem, and this gem is the most valuable gem since ancient times. According to the ancestors, this pearl gem is considered a symbol of the Moon and there is a belief that this gemstone has many magical powers.