Gomed Astrology

Gomed is the Gemstone of Rahu and is worn or donated according to the placement of Rahu in the birth chart. This Gemstones has various variants depending on its mines – the best Gomed is from Sri Lanka known as Ceylon Gomed or Ceylonese GomedOrissa GomedGaya Gomed and Africa Gomed are other variants. 

First House: If Rahu is placed in the first house then it gives very favorable results. The person has a glow on his or her face and has a very robust personality. He is always eager to stand out of the crowd and does every effort to get the best out of life. This person should wear a GOMED in a silver ring and worship Rahu daily. Wearing a Gomed Stone will further empower the positive aspects of Rahu and give the wearer a place of authority and respect in the society. 

Wearing a Ceylonese Gomed will be most useful in this case.

Second House: Rahu placed in second house is good for accumulated wealth. On the contrary this position of Rahu in the second house gives problems from creditors and problems in credit matters. The person should stay away from loans, advances, supplier credit etc. 

This position of Rahu needs a double effort on one hand the native should wear a Ceylonese Gomedand on the other hand he should donate containing 20 Ratti GOMED STONE. 

The simultaneous donation and wearing of Gomed will enhance the positive effects of Rahu and take away the negative effects. 

Third House: Benefits from siblings and friends is sure in this position of Rahu. The intellectual ability is extraordinarily well developed in this position of Rahu. The person has extra sensory perception with which he is able to see into the future and minds of people. 

Powerful Rahu in this position gives connections with very influential people who are able to bring positive things in the life of the native. 

These people should wear a powerful Ceylonese Gomed in a silver ring in right hand middle finger. This will further increase the influence of the person in the society. But if this Rahu is aspecting any planet by sitting here it can create havoc – as this is a very strong Rahu and its negative effect is equally devastating. 

Fourth House: Gains from immovable properties. These people get wealth from fishing, mining, Oil drilling and pearl farming. Relations with mother and domestic life are very important for the person. Generally the person gains from maternal side and mother.Rahu in this house is gives wealth through properties especially landed properties.Gaya GomedOrissa GomedCeylonese Gomed and Africa Gomed all will be extremely useful for this person. 

This position of Rahu is especially suitable for people living in Delhi, Gurgaon, NOIDA, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Sonipat, Bhadurgarh as this region is also governed by Rahu. (This is the reason why this region has always seen uncertainties and political turmoil since the times of Mahabharta. 

Fifth House: If Rahu the Lord of Gomed is placed in this House then the person is very fortunate. He grabs the right opportunities by being there at right time. I have seen people with this combination rise to very big heights in no time. Brave, aggressive, fearless and daredevil kind of people of this variety find there own path and success. Most of these individuals wear Hessonite Garnet i.e., Gomed Stone in their middle finger in a silver ring.

The Rahu in fifth House is not good for health and the person always suffers from stomach ailments. The digestive apparatus is weak and thus the general constitution is not very strong. 
Wearing an Orissa Gomed or Ceylon Gomed can improve the situation. 

Sixth House: Rahu placed in the sixth house is a very favorable position as it weakens the enemies – both visible and hidden. The Horoscope of Bali the brother of Sugraeev whom Lord Ram had to kill by hiding himself behind a tree had Rahu placed in sixth house – Mithun Rashi – where it is exalted and was aspected by Saturn placed in the zodiac sign of Tula. Thus, when ever an enemy faced him his half strength was transferred to Bali and he became even more powerful. 

Rahu in sixth house gives valor and lots of energy to win enemies of all kinds. 
These natives must wear Ceylonese Gomed above 4.25 ratti in a silver ring. 

Seveth House: Rahu in this position gives multiplicity of emotional relations. The person is always searching for emotional attachments and still feels lonely and wants too much attention. 

This position of Rahu makes one attractive to the opposite sex and the total aura of these people is such that they attract everyone who comes in their vicinity. But this combination also leads to swinging tendencies and the sincerity of the person becomes doubtful. 
Old age may be troublesome due to inability of creating a family. 
Donation of Gomed in the form of is especially favourable. If Saturn is strong one can wearCeylonese Gomed also. 

Eighth House: Rahu in eighth house gives a strong intuition. Extra sensory perception is strong. The person may have gifts of God in fine arts, acting, research, astrology etc. This position of Rahu gives a very strong concentration power. This give high position in life despite the original setbacks and the struggle that his parents may face. The person is money minded and will acquire all kinds of wealth in his life time. 

Ninth House: Unearned income and wealth comes to this person. Mostly, this placement is seen in the charts of those people who inherit huge ancestral wealth and sources of income. But this placement is not favorable for progeny. Easy life with little responsibility in these cases leads to very carefree attitude which in turn leads to difficulties in settling in life. 

Wearing Ceylonese Gomed and simultaneous donation of ‘ can remove the malefic effects of Rahu and increase the positive effects of Rahu. Donation of Black Urad should also be done on a regular basis.

Tenth House: This is the best placement for the DANAV known as RAHU. Here it gives a very strong professional position and the person is able to cut through all kinds of competition and rise above all. This placement is in the charts of political leaders or those individuals that are able to rise the professional ladder with great speed. A combination of Neelam and Ceylonese Gomed can further tilt the table in favour of these people. 

These individuals must donate 5% of their income back to the society – especially through medical help or old age pensions. 

Eleventh House: I saw Rahu in the eleventh house in the chart of a boy who was from a family that had no financial resources and was nearly illiterate – it was hard to give a prediction to his parents that your son will have extraordinary high income levels. But an astrologer is not supposed to see logic but trust the dictates of the planets only. I told his parents that the boy will turn into a rich man – having very high income and great wealth. The parents though my devotees less than believed me. But as the things moved he turned into a very successful builder and out of thin air he earned crores. This is the effect of the Rahu placed in the eleventh house. 
These people should worship Rahu. Wear its Gemstone Gomed and donate Rahu Dan Yantra every year after their birthday. 

Twelth House: This is not a very favorable position of Rahu. Here it gives losses, excessive expenditures, emotional pains, depression, loss of name and all kinds of troubles. Not a good placement in worldly terms but an excellent placement for the seekers.
This placement gives salvation – Moksha – the freedom from birth and death. 

Pankaj Khanna