Star Ruby Stone

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Weight : 14.77 Carat
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Star Ruby, Code: ASP 19 ( SURYA MANI ) 
At Gem selections Star rubies are available in the sizes ranging from 3rt to 11 rt. Fine star rubies are available at Gem Selections from Rs.550 per ratti to Rs.3000 per ratti. 
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Star rubies are rare variant of ruby gemstones. The piece of stone is called star due to its ability to form a six ray star when the stone is moved around its surface in the presence of the sun or any artificial light. The ability of the stone to form brilliant six ray formation is due to the presence of optical phenomenon called as “Asterism”. 
The value of Star rubies is basically influenced by two things: 
(a) The strength and sharpness of the star 
The stars are caused by the light reflecting from needle-like inclusions of rutile aligned perpendicular to the rays of the star. Hence a star ruby reflects the star effect due to the presence of inclusion rutile. Star ruby is one of the gemstones for which inclusion is mandatory. The star should be sharp (not blurry) and silvery / milky white. The best way to test the sharpness of the star is to look at the star ruby in sunlight with the dome facing the sun 
(b) Intensity and attractiveness of stone colour 
• CUTTING Cutting is very important to exhibit the star effect in ruby. Many a times, bottoms of star rubies are kept unpolished so that the light is trapped inside the gemstone.
• COLOUR Star rubies are available in pinkish-red, purplish-red or purplish-brown colour. The distribution of colour is often uneven, in stripes and spots. A red ruby with a perfect star is very rare and costly. As a general rule, pink star rubies have the best stars. • CLARITY 
As mentioned earlier, due to the presence of rutile (silk) star rubies are never transparent. Most natural star rubies found are translucent and opaque (mostly opaque). 
USES of Star Ruby
Star ruby has the capability to protect its wearer from numerous upcoming dangers that are supposed to cause harm like the evil eye,misfortunes,accidents,envy,negative energies and getting jinxed. Star Ruby is said to give internal strength, ward off tensions, distress the mind and drive away stress related problems like migraine, insomnia, and hysteria 
SOURC of Star Ruby
Sri Lanka, Burma, India, and Africa. Afghanistan, Cambodia and United states. From all of the above mentioned sources India and Africa is referred being the most important regions which produces better quality star rubies. 
Who should wear Star Ruby
People with Leo ascendent should wear Star Ruby because ascendant Leo is ruled by Sun, the Gem for Sun is Ruby so 
Best time for wearing Star Ruby
Star Ruby should be worn in the ring finger of right hand on a Sunday It can be worn in copper or gold. 
Mantra for Star Ruby
"Om Suryaya Namaha" 
Star Ruby is never completely transparent, because the star can only be produced by the presence of needle like inclusions that cause some degree of turbidity. Star rubies are very valuable. The finest star ruby known weighs 138 carats; this is the famous Rosier Reeves star ruby, on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. The most striking phenomenon of rubies is the development of the six ray star, arranged in perfect symmetry, which shifts its centre, as the stone is moved. It is clearly visible under a single light source such as the sun or a lamp; much less so in diffuse light. If two or more powerful light sources are set close together, as many stars can be seen in the stone. Each light produces its own star, which is basically a reflection. The effect is usually less pronounced in more transparent stones. When the ground colour is ruby red it is known as Star Ruby. Benefits: Used to pep up the internal strength and to ward off tensions, Star Ruby drives away stress related problems like Migraine, Insomnia, and Hysteria etc. Traditionally worn by knights in the battlefields to protect themselves from the enemy. Local tales in Karnataka say that if this is worn as a visible pendant or as a head gear then anyone who faces you, as an enemy looses half his valour to your. It is said that Karna, the son of Sun wore it in his head gear and only after Krishna directed Arjuna to remove the Headgear with his arrow was be able to fight an equal battle with him. 
Star Ruby Rs. 525.00 Per Rati. 
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