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Blue Sapphire or Neelam, bestows a strange pull to the wears. One who wears it gains control and influence over the people and gets status and wealth. This Gem gives Rajya Samman and Janta Prem. It is the gem which gives fame, honor, exceptional wealth and all round happiness. Some of the most successful and famous people are seen wearing this gem. The mantra to be chanted along with wearing of this gem is “Om! Sham Shanaiscaryaye Namah”. Wearing of this gem empowers Saturn i.e., Shani and simultaneously pacifies it. Saturn is the most dreaded planet in Hindu Astrology and keeping it on our side makes us a winner all the way. It is the Birth Stone of the people born in Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. 

Neelam Stone
(Blue Sapphire)

Bangkok Neelam 

Purple Sapphire 

Purple SapphireNeelam (neela Pukhraj) : At Gem Selections we have a wide range of Neelam Stone i.e., Neelam. The price ranges from Rs. 450/ Ratti to Rs. 51000/ Ratti. 
Beware: Presently market is full of Cobalt filled Neelam Stones that are Blue, Transparent and very good looking. These are being sold with certificates from non existing Labs. 

Neelam Stone that is without feather like inclusions is actually filled with glass or cobalt. The molecular structure of these Neelam Stones is altered with these additions. These changes make these Gemstones neutral as far as Astrological effects are concerned. 
When you are buying a Gemstone for Astrological Effects, make sure, that is it not Dyed, Filled or otherwise altered or it will be just a jewel which will have nil Astrological Effect. 
You get pure Neelam Stone without an iota of doubt at: Gem Selections,
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You can have a look at this collection and decide what you want as per your requirement and budget. 
What ever you buy at Gem Selections comes with a Govt. Lab Certificate, Bill and Guarantee of purity and originality from our company. 
Neelam (Neela pukhraj) is blue in colored Gemstone. It is a cold Gemstone and represents Saturn. It should be worn in silver or gold on the second finger of right hand. Blue Neelam removes evil effects of Saturn. It is said to have magical power. Blue Sapphire (Neelam stone) is believed to take a person to the heights that he or she has never imagined. 

Benefits of Wearing Neelam Stone

Wearing a blue sapphire protects against danger, travel issues, terror, thieves, accidents. 
It ensures the general health and strength of the knees, legs and hair of its user.  
 Manik People in business of export and import, transport product, vehicles , production of minerals , Iron ore , spare components, petroleum , Iron and Steel or Similar Businesses associated with Planet Saturn ought to undoubtedly wear a Blue Sapphire or Neelam gem because it can offer them Substantial Business growth and new Opportunities. 
Blue sapphire is that the birthstone for the month of September. Blue Sapphire is additionally counseled for fifth, twenty third and forty fifth centenary. 
If the world Saturn/ Sani happens to be weak or Delapilated ( neech ) in keeping with your horoscope, then the gem blue sapphire is your good gem for you. 
Blue Sapphire helps scale back the malevolent effects of Saturn (Shani) in one’s horoscope. 
 When should Neelam Stone be worn

If the planet Saturn/Sani happens to be your weak friend according to your horoscope, then the gemstone blue sapphire is your perfect gemstone. You can also wear blue sapphire if you encounter one or more of the following problems related to your mind and body. 
The beautiful 'Blue Sapphire', is regarded as the 'Stone of the Stones' and is considered to give peace of mind, tranquility, happiness and spiritual enlightenment.
Neelam Stone Mantra
On any auspicious Saturday, drop in the ring of this stone in a copper bowl filled with water. Bring the ring out, and offer that water in the roots of any Peepal tree. Around two hours before sunset, wear ring in the middle finger of your left hand while devotedly chanting the associated Mantra of “Om Aim Hreem Shaneharaya Namah". Conclude the process by paying devoted prayers to Lord Saturn. Donate black urad, salt, tea leaves, soap, mustard oil, and money on the roots of any Peepal tree, in as much quantity as you want. 
Governing Planet Saturn
Sanskrit Names of Blue Sapphire Neelam, Blue sapphire, Nila-mani, Blue jewel, Indra-nilam, Royal blue gem, Sani-ratna, Saturn's gem. 
Ruling Day Saturday
Governing Number 8
Governing Sign Capricorn & Aquarius
Shani Mantra "Aum Shan Shanaishcharaay namah" to be enchanted 108 times at the time of wearing a Blue Sapphire - Neelam.
Signs of well-placed Saturn in the Chart Happiness, Good children and grandchildren, Wealth, name, fame, success and honor, wisdom, and longevity.
Signs of an afflicted Saturn in the Chart Native will not be a moderate but an extremist. Over generous, extravagant, lavish.
Over optimism, false hopes, carelessness, debts, disputes, failure in speculation, gambling, pressure from creditors, worry through children, childlessness. Vanity, default, infamy, gluttony and unusual growth.
Areas of Occurrence of Blue Sapphire - Neelam Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia (Pailin), Burma, Kashmir 
Evil Effects of ShaniDosha
There are various evil effects due to ShaniDosha and they are:-
Problems occur with the partners like misunderstanding, unhappy married life, divorce etc. 
Problems in conceiving child
The health of the children is also not proper
Obstructions in education and career
Disharmony between the family members
The life of the partner in stake
How to do ShaniDoshaNivaranPooja 

Devotee doing Shanipooja, must first take the posture and then must offer water to the feet of Lord Shani. The water offered to Lord Shani must be drunken by the devotee. Then water is offered for the bath of god and black clothes are being offered to Lord Shani. Offerings are made to Lord Shani made up of camphor or incense. Diyas in sesame seeds are being lit in front of the Lord. Prayer or mantra is being enchanted in the devotion to Lord Shani. Doantion of black til or rice is being made to needy people. Fast is also being kept by many people and is broke after sunset by taking rice mixed with black urad dal. Black til can also be used to break fast. 

Om Thryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim PushtiVardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanath Mrithyor Mooshiyamamrith.

Navagraha Mantra
Chanting of “Eka sloka Navagraha Stotram”

Donation ( Daanam)
During Shani dasha period try to do donation of the following at a temple or to poor people:

Black cloth, Gingely Oil,Blanket,Iron Articles,Black Cow,Buffallo,Black Gram (Urudh Dal)
Provide “Anna Danam” (free food) on Saturdays to Orphanage or Beggars.
Shani Temple Darshan

Visiting Navagraha temple and doing shani pooja on Saturday is one of the most commonly suggested remedy during Shani Dasha.If possible visit the following famous and powerful shani temples :

Shani Shingnapur ( in Maharashtra for North India) Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple ( in Kerala for South India )

Shiva Bhajan

Nothing is complete with out the prayer for Lord Shiva.Shiva when pleased through prayers can protect you from Graha Dosha.Read my post on Lord Shiva here. 

Make it a point to recite this short shani mantra for 108 times every day.If not having time, atleast do 8 times daily to tide through this testing period in life.

Neelanjana Samabhasam Raviputhram Yamagrajam Chaya Marthanda Sambhootham Tham Namamy Shanaishyaram. 

Hanuman Chalisa for Shani Nivaran

Hanuman is supposed to be “Chiran jeevi” or the one with infinite life on earth.While he was on his way to Lanka to find Seetha Devi , he has seen “Navagrahas” being captured and tied together by Ravana.Navagrahas knew that only Anjaneya has the power to release them from the clutches of evil king Ravana.They worshipped Hanuman and requested him to free them from lanka.Hanuman immediately realised the presence of Shani bhagavan amongst the Navagrahas and asked him “If i release you , you will look at me and i will be under your spell for 7.5 years”.For this Shani replied that he will not do that and even spare those who worship Anjaneya from the ill effects of shani dasha.So recite “Hanuman Chalisa” on Tuesday,Thursday&Saturday.If not possible on all 3 days atleast on Tuesday.Visit Hanuman temple on every Saturday during your Shani Dasha period. 

It is imperative that a blue sapphire or neelam be worn after consultation. Before asking you to wear a blue sapphire or neelam the person recommending it to you will also ask you to test it. Let us discuss how neelam can be tested before actually wearing it. 

A neelam stone can be worn in ear rings, a finger ring or even as a pendant in a chain. We have already discussed how to recognize a genuine neelam and the points to watch out for while buying a neelam. 

Wearing a blue sapphire protects against danger, travel problems, terror, thieves, accidents. 

It can cause financial fortunes to change for the better, help with a person's career, and make the wearer rich. It can free one of mental anxiety. 

It helps make one detached, and protects against envy. It can be worn for good luck and for protection against evil spirits.

Neelam stone's are found in India, Burma, Ceylon, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil and Africa. From the gemstone mines, the raw crystals are first taken to the cutting-centres where they are turned into sparkling gemstones by skilled hands. 

The most valuable are genuine Kashmir stones. Burmese sapphires are valued almost as highly, and then come the sapphires from Ceylon. The possibility of the gemstone's having undergone some treatment or other is also a factor in determining the price, 

The fact that this magnificent gemstone also comes in a large number of other colours was known for a long time almost only to insiders. In the trade, sapphires which are not blue are referred to as 'fancies'. 

The presence of small amounts of other elements, especially iron and chrome, are responsible for the colouring, turning a crystal that was basically white into a blue, red, yellow, pink or greenish sapphire. However, this does not mean that every corundum is also a sapphire. 

Thus the blue of the sapphire has become a colour which fits in with everything that is constant and reliable. That is one of the reasons why women in many countries wish for a sapphire ring on their engagement. The sapphire symbolises loyalty, but at the same time it gives expression to people's love and longing.

Blue Sapphire


Neelam Weight available 2.25 rati to 11.25 rati. 

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