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About Manik

Manik stone : At Gem Selections we have a range of Manik i.e., Manik from Rs. 525/ Rt to Rs. 31000/ Rt. 

Manik stone the Gem of Sun is the most powerful Astrological Gemstone. But in last few years the market has been flooded by Lead-Glass filled Manik stone, these Gemstones shine like glass, are transparent and show red colour that varies from vibrant pink to deep maroon. 

Natural Manik stone is opaque or translucent, if a Natural Manik Stone is transparent it shall cost a fortune. 99% of the Manik Stone sold in India today is Heated and Glass filled. These Gemstones have only marginal Astrological effect. When you are buying a Manik stone, make sure that it comes with an authentic Govt. Lab Certificate. Or the best way to keep confusion at bay is to come to Gem Selections. Here you will be getting complete information of Manik Stone and the Gem you buy is certified by a IGI-GTL the lab. sponsored by Ministry of commerce, Govt. of India 

Manik Stone

Manik Stone is the most valuable variety of corundum. Manik Stone is a precious gemstone and is worn both as jewellery as well as for astrological purposes.It is a costly stone and generally occurs in crystals of six-sided prisms.The rarest and the most expensive shade is‘pigeon blood’ red.While the colour of Manik Stone varies with its locality.Siamese Manik Stone are generally darker than the Burmese. 

Since Manik Stone are precious gemstones, markets are filled with artificial Manik stone,glass filled Manik Stone and it has become a tough job to buy a non-heated/non-treated natural Manik Stone in the market nowadays. 

Manik Stone are relatively hard gemstones, ranking 9 on the Mohs’ scale, only falling behind the diamond at a perfect 10. Therefore,people can easily Buy Manik Stone to be worn every day without worrying about damaging the stone. 

Things to know before one decides to buy Manik Stone [or any other stone for that matter]
1. Colour 

The color vaies from fiery vermilion to violet red but different colors are also found in the same stone;bright or sometimes brick red in one direction. Manik Stone turn brighter red under light and the purplish ones look “redder”. If the color is too pale, they are no longer called Manik Stone, but pink sapphires;if it is more violet than red, they are known as violet sapphires. But it is hard to create precise limits, as all the intermediate shades are possible.The brightest red and thus the most valuable Manik Stone are usually from Burma and this should be kept in mind when one decides to buy Manik Stone. 


Because gemstones form under unique circumstances, each individual gemstone is comprised of a combination of trace minerals, which create a unique set of identifying marks or inclusions.Manik’s clarity varies from transparent to opaque. 

The low value Manik Stone can be completely opaque to the extent that if kept the glass of a torch it will hardly show any rays passing through it and certain varieties of Manik Stone coming especially from Madagascar can be as transparent as a piece of cut glass. But the natural manik is generally available are opaque or at the best translucent. Natural Manik which are transparent cost a fortune. But in the market these days people are selling glass filled Manik which are very clear or partially transparent, these Manik are passed as Burmese Manik ,Afghan Manik, Madagascar Manik, Burma Manik. But when you see a transparent or partially transparentManik with pinkish red you should be extra cautious as most likely it is a heated and glass filled Manik. 

Ratti is the unit of weight by which a gemstone is measured. Because large gemstones are found less commonly than small ones, the price of a gemstone raises exponentially to its size[It follows the law of demand and supply]. 

Normally Manik Stone is available from 2 Ratti to 100 Ratti. For astrological purposes Manik Stone is available from 2 Ratti to 100 Ratti but the ones used in jewellery start from 0.01 Ratti and go upto 20 – 30 Ratti. Note: 1ratti = 0.180g 

Stones either are cut with facets, or are non-faceted, such as the cabochon cut. The gem is faceted when its surface is covered with several geometrically arranged, flat surfaces. Each of these flat surfaces is called a facet. The gemstone cut known as cabochon is one of the most ancient methods of cutting gemstones. It is rounded on the top and flat on the bottom Manik Stone (Manik) stone is available in all types of cuts. 

5.Price Price of a Manik Stone is dependent on its colour and hue. Remember, the basic principle whenever dealing with a Gemstone, that more eye pleasing a gemstone more is its value. 

3. Factors which determine the price of a Manik Stone:

1. Colour: 
The colour should not be muddy but vibrant pinkish red, violet red or orangish red.

2. Transparency:
As the Manik Stone moves from completely opaque to transparent the price keeps on increasing 

3. Lustre:
Manik Stone with shiny fiery liquid inside is the most valuable piece of Manik Stone. The Manik which has good colour, transparency but lack this shining liquid inside will not be very precious. 

Price ranges from Rs.450 per Ratti to Rs.1100 per Ratti for normal commercial varieties.
Price of exclusive Manik Stone varies from Rs.30,000 per Ratti to Rs.10,00,000 per Ratti. 

Let me relate you a interesting experience with a customer : A lady came to our shop to buy a Manik Stone . She wanted a excellent stone of Manik 6 Ratti-7 Ratti in weight we showed her all our inventory at the end she told us that she has brought a excellent Manik Stone for Rs.1000 per Ratti and it is much better than the ones we are showing we asked her to show the piece to us and lo she took out a packet which contained a red transparent stone had which been a Manik Stone it would have costed not less than Rs.7,00,000 per Ratti – Rs.10,00,000 per Ratti but sorry to say it was an excellent piece of heated treated Manik worth only a few hundred rupees which she had brought for Rs.1000 per Ratti. These kind of Manik are very close to fake Manik but in 95% of the market both jewellers and astrologers are selling these Manik Stone at various prices depending on the customer in front of them. The lady was also carrying a card which said that it is a natural Manik but failed to give the further details of its treatment and glass filling. One should be cautious while buying Manik as these days heated treated Manik stone are being sold as natural Manik and on top of that they are being sold with certificates, generally these certificates are home made. 

How to protect yourself from buying fake Manik Stone?

Let us first try to understand what a real Manik Stone look and feel like.
A real Manik Stone will be opaque or translucent but very rarely transparent, if you find a Manik Stone which is having a shine like a glass and without dense silk-like inclusions then most probably you are being taken for a ride because such gemstones will be available only with few very big gemdealers or with jewelers who are frequented with very rich people. But mostly what we find in the market are glass filled heated manik stones which are sold as Burmese manik, Madagascar manik, Kabul manik are actually glass filled Manik Stone

Detecting fake Manik Stone

Fake Manik are stones made of an imitation material such as glass or a non-Manik mineral. It is important to distinguish between fake rubies and synthetic rubies. While fakes Manik Stone have different chemical and physical properties as compared to the real Manik stone, synthetic Manik have the same chemical composition as a natural Manik and are, technically, real Manik. 

Stones Used as Ruby Imitations

The stones most commonly used as fake Manik are other naturally occurring red minerals as well as colored glass. Here are the most often used ruby imitations from which one should be cautious when you decide to buy Manik Stone. Tourmaline: This is a silicate mineral whose hardness is rated 7.0-7.5 on the Mohs scale. The pink-reddish variation of this gemstone is often used as a fake Manik stone, but tourmaline is much softer when compared to Manik which is rated 9 on mohs scale. Garnet: This is another silicate mineral. There are many different colors of garnet, but its red variation is the one that is sold as fake Manik Stone. Like tourmaline, garnet is softer than Manik Stone (garnet’s hardness rating on the Mohs scale is 6.5-7.5). Glass: A lot of the fake Manik Stone which are being sold in the market are made of red-colored glass. These imitations are very cheap. Composite rubies: These stones are made of real ruby fused with glass. The goal of combining these two materials is to increase the size of the stone while reducing its sales price compared with that of real ruby. 

How to Distinguish Between Fake and Genuine Rubies

Here are the most common differences between real and fake rubies that can help you to identify imitations: Hardness: Substitutes such as tourmaline, garnet, or glass are softer than real Manik. This means that fake Manik Stone made of these materials would scratch more easily. Weight: Fake Manik stone are less dense than real ones. This can be identified easily if a fake ruby is weighed and its weight is compared with that of a real Manik of similar size – the fake Manik will weigh less than its real counterpart. 

Price: How much a stone sold as Manik Stone costs is an indication as to how likely it is to be real. Manik stone is a rather costly gemstone, so if someone sells it to you at a considerably lower price than it is being sold in the market, it is more likely that it is a fake Manik Stone. So one should not jump to buy Manik stone if it is being sold at a lower price and should Buy Manik stone after checking the authenticity of the gemstone as well as the gem dealer. 

Astrology and Manik Stone


A person who wears a Manik Stone which is unblemished, that is, which is smooth in touch, clean, of good colourand water, has lustre, brilliance and radiance, is blessed with children, acquires wealth and property, becomes prosperousand accumulates precious Gems in his lifetime. He is protected from fear of all kind, afflictions, sorrow and catastrophic disasters. His will power and spirit is strengthened in a period of time.He becomes more fortunate and occupies a high and respectable position in the society. 

But on the other hand a blemished and defective Manik Stone brings many troubles for the wearer. If the stone is dull, the wearer’s brother will get into distress. The milky stone destroys the wearer’s cattle. Double coloured stone causes distress to the wearer and his father. The stone with a red sign causes quarrels and disputes in the family. Smoky stone attracts the attack of lightening. The stone with four spots or signs creates fear from all wounds and weapons. If it is dusty in colour it will be the cause of stomach disorders and childlessness. If there are white, black or honey coloured sprinklings on the stone, the native is defamed and there is less of longevity, wealth and comforts. If there is depression on the stone, the wearer suffers from ill health. 

It is also believed that if the stone loses its colour,it is an indication that the wearer is about to become victim of some distress or disaster. It will regain its colour as soon as the trouble is averted or is over. It is also said in the vedas that Manik (Ruby) fades in colour by being put close to any poisonous substance. 

Who should wear a Manik (Ruby)? 

Manik Stone is the gem stone ruled by Sun. Therefore, if in the birth chart, Sun is the lord of an auspicious house, it will be very useful for the native to wear Manik. Manik Stone should also be worn if an auspicious Sun is afflicted or if it is not well placed in the birth chart of the native. 
You can have a look at these collections and decide what you want as per your requirement and budget. 

What ever you buy comes with a Lab Certificate, bill and Guarantee of purity and originality from our company and its promoter Mr. Pankaj Khanna. 

This is the gem of Sun , it improves the concentration of mind and gives lusture to the skin . This gem gives all round success in life and is the karka for leadership. This improves the leadership qualities and puts the person in forefront . It gives intellectual capabilities and improves one’s writing and speaking powers. 

If you want to know More about Manik Stone (Ruby) 

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