Green Fluorite

green-fluoritestoneGreen Florite is a very beautiful Gemstone. Green in colour it is an excellent substitute of Emerald and a Gem Stone of planet Mercury and Ganesha.It is said to bring wealth and serinity. It calms the nervous system, reduces the anxiety and improves the communicaation skills of the wearer. Green Florite can improve the confidence level of the person also. 
Green Florite Rs. 150.00 Per Ratti. 
Category : Halide mineral
Crystal system : Isometric, cF12, SpaceGroup Fm3m, No. 225
Crystal habit : Occurs as well-formed coarse sized crystals also nodular, botryoidal, rarely columnar or fibrous; granular, massive
Color : Colorless, white, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, brown, bluish black; commonly zoned
Chemical formula : CaF2
Twinning : Common on {111}, interpenetrant, flattened
Mohs scale hardness : 4 (defining mineral)
Luster : Vitreous
Streak : White
Specific gravity : 3.175–3.184; to 3.56 if high in rare-earth elements
Strunz classification : 03.AB.25
Diaphaneity : Transparent to translucent
Optical properties : Isotropic; weak anomalous anisotropism
Refractive index : 1.433–1.448
Weight :-