Blue Topaz

Weight : 10.45 Carat
Weight : 6.55 Carat
Weight : 10.47 Carat
Weight : 10.95 Carat
Weight : 6.89 Carat
Weight : 6.66 Carat
Weight : 6.04 Carat
Weight : 9.84 Carat
Weight : 10.8 Carat
Weight : 27.3 Carat
Weight : 46.6 Carat
Weight : 33.85 Carat
Weight : 27.7 Carat

People have been wearing precious gemstone of ultimate charm for ages, not just to enhance beauty but also to bring positive harmony in their beautiful lives. Along with a creative and mesmerizing look, Gemstones also bring a plethora of positivity and delight in the life of a wearer. It is really mesmerising to see nature’s beauty and creation coming in your hands by being so unique and authentic. Adequate cutting and polishing of these gemstones can add remarkable charms to them. These Astrology Gemstones are an elegant combination of beauty and mental benefits both. Wearing an appropriate Gemstone as prescribed by a well-reputed astrologer can bring immense happiness and delight in your lives.


Blue Topaz is a very well-known gemstone bringing immense benefits to the life of the wearer. Topaz Gemstone is a semi-mineral stone, also coming in a variety of colors apart from being blue. Royal Blue Topaz has always been in demand due to its immense charm and several astrological benefits. It fills your life with utmost happiness and success. The beauty topaz gemstone lies in its pure details and catchy shine. One can't keep his/her eye off topaz gem


What is blue topaz? 

Topaz contains aluminium and fluorine, is a silicate mineral used in formation of jewellery and ornaments. It is one of the hardest naturally occurring gemstones and looks very beautiful when worn in different jewellery pieces. Natural state of topaz is brown in color but several impurities bring out different colors in it. With the least index of refraction this precious stone is highly desirable by many people. 

In vedic astrology, Blue topaz is recommended to be worn as a successful substitute of blue sapphire. Experts believe that the topaz gemstone is worn in order to improvise financial stability and to attain confidence for achieving the most desired life.


Blue Topaz comes in a variety of shapes, texture and size. One of them is london blue topaz, that possesses extremely beautiful color and the other one is swiss blue topaz. Both are made with extreme precision and accuracy for a reliable quality and texture. Our team of expert gemologists and practitioners look for the best possible stone and help you to access them at genuine prices.


In Hindu astrology, Blue topaz is suggested to the people belonging to capricorn (Makar in hindi) and Aquaris (Kumbh in Hindi) zodiac signs. Gemstones should always be worn by taking proper advice from a well experienced astrologer. Moreover, according to many astrologers across the globe, blue topaz is supposed to be a birthstone of Virgo zodiac sign. Planet represented by this gemstone is Saturn and it is responsible for bringing mighty powers of Saturn in your life. "Neel Pukhraaj" is the topaz stone in hindi


Blue topaz metaphysical Properties

Blue topaz holds a significant position in the field of a variety of gemstones. There are several metaphysical properties that are associated with this gemstone. One of the most effective benefits is curtailing the possibility or maintaining the current existence of a financial crisis in your family. Most of the people who are recommended with this gemstone are going through some financial problems. Apart from this, Blue topaz brings immense wealth, health, prosperity, courage, modesty and good luck in the life of the wearer. 


Blue Topaz Gemstone Price

Blue topaz is one of the rare gemstones and naturally occuring blue color is even harder to find. The exact value of the gemstones is determined by various factors that separates it from others. Such as cuts, clarity, color and weight. Blue Topaz price has been varying in the past few decades depending on production and its demand. Still, this precious  gemstone is highly affordable coming with amazing details and colors. A 3 carat blue topaz ring is one of the most demanding products by many of our clients and is also affordable as compared to other precious gemstones. 


With so many Blue Topaz dealers nowadays, it is tough to trust and rely on any diamond dealer blindly. We at Gem Selections provide 100% pure and real Gemstones as witnessed by our delighted customers. We believe in building an appreciable relationship with our clients which will ultimately help us to flourish in the future. Buy precious gemstones online from Gem Selections for an experience that stays with you for life. 

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