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Participate in Krishna Janmashtami Puja with Gem Selections

Participate in Krishna Janmashtami Puja with Gem Selections

24 Aug, 2021 | Gemstone | Gem Selections Blog

The history of Lord Krishna and significance of Janmashtami

India is a diverse country where many pujas, ceremonies and rituals have been performed over the periods. Every season has its own celebrations. Among them Janmashtami is one of the most attractive occasions that bring thousands of devotees into one platform. Janmashtami is all about celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna who is considered the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Krishna is worshipped as a supreme god in Hinduism and many devotees every year delicately perform puja and keep the fast to satisfy the lord.

The divine birth of lord krishna impacted the world with the amazing power of strength and belief. Krishna is also known by many more names such as: Govinda, Madhusudana, Vasudeva and Mukunda. This foster-care child belongs to Nand and Yashodhara and the younger brother Balarama. The sole ward of Devaki and Vasudev was born and brought up in Vrindavan and fond of Makkhan (butter). He was responsible for stealing the makkhan despite all the warnings and piled-up complaints of his neighbors. Due to his strange power and innocent activities people soon realized that the child is nothing but a part of the almighty.