Gemstone Jewellery to Match with your Lehenga

It’s the wedding season again and the brides are ought to be adventurous about getting their lehengas and their bridal jewellery, and look the most gorgeous lady of the day ever! With the changing fashion and jewellery trends, the brides have upped the game as far as their jewellery for lehenga is concerned. Let’s take a look at some cool new ways to match them- whether it's contrasting or all match-matchy, these ideas are sure a win-win options!

Contrasting Jewellery For Lehenga Ideas

Pairing Violet and Blue Lehangas with Green Emerald Jewellery

If you are going to be a bride or a bridesmaid choosing to wear the bold and vibrant blue or violet lehanga on D-day, then go for the gold and emerald jewellery. These contrasting colours are almost poles apart and are sure to do wonders when it is about matching the lehanga with the right natural gemstone jewellery. 

Red or Pink Lehganga with a Pop of Blue & Diamond Jewellery

Pop colours are so in trend these days. If you are pairing a red or pink lehanga or the one in the hues of orange, then choose the most gorgeous necklace, that combines blue sapphire with diamond gemstones.  

Saffron and Yellow Lehangas with Emerald Gemstones

Stay assured to fall in love with such a pair that is a mix of two bright colours giving us ideas as to what jewels to wear with your lehenga. Be a statement-maker and the headturner of the crowd by opting for an unlikely combination- saffron lehenga with green emerald jewellery- it is sure to work so well!

Maroon Lehangas with Emerald Green

OMG, literally these are the letters that are sure to come out of your mouth after seeing this jewellery set with a maroon lehenga, especially if it’s in velvet fabric. Just outstanding and magnificent without second thoughts. Go for deep rich jewel tones- with the maroon shade lehenga and gold-emerald jewellery, which were both contrasting! 

Blue Sapphire Jewellery with Golden Lehenga

Eye-captivating Polki jewellery- adding a tiny pop of blue sapphire combined with the beige and gold lehenga! Anyone who is to wear a golden lehanga will look stunning, in this jewellery-lehenga combination and look different altogether. Who wouldn’t want to look drop-dead gorgeous in such matching jewellery with a lehenga?

Pear and Kundan Jewellery with Multicoloured Lehanga

Pearl Jewellery is a safe bet to go with a multicoloured lehenga for any occasion. It simply stands out, pulls the whole look together, and will definitely make you look gorgeous! They offer a sheer sense of class and can be paired with any colour in this whole wide world. 

Matching Jewellery Hues with Lehanga’s Colour

Another all-time hit idea is the matching phase where you pair the perfect accessory of the same colour as that of your lehenga. Go for the exact same hue on the jewellery and the lehenga. No more or less and trust us, it always works!

Diamond Jewellery with All Lehengas

Diamond neckpieces, diamond maangtikas, and diamond earrings go well with delicate embroideries - a match made in heaven! Pair your beautiful lehenga with something shiny and blingy like the natural diamond jewellery set!


Final Words

Now, that you are aware of what colours of lehengas go well with what jewellery picks, making a perfect pick will now be easier. Choose your lehanga first, followed by the right coloured gemstone jewellery. To buy gemstones online that too is the certified ones, visit Khanna Gems and explore their exclusive range of precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones.