Benefits of IOLITE STONE

Lolite, a unique and semi-precious gemstone known for its pleochroism property. Its colours vary when one view this stone from different angles. This excellent stone comes in violet, yellowish-grey and deep blue colours.


There are a plethora of benefits of wearing this stone. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

· ·This stone is very beneficial for people who lack motivation or who are suffering from disorientation.

· ·It enhances creativity and opens the path to get in touch with inner strength. Therefore, it is considered an ideal stone for artists who write songs, poetry, etc.

· ·It protects one's eyes and also heals the problems related to the eyes.

· ·It brings positive thoughts and ideas by activating the visionary and creative side of the mind.

· ·It fills up the human's mind with positive energy which is used for managing money and debt elimination.

· ·It improves sleep imbalances and also stipulates memory.

· ·It provides endurance to the people who want to chase their goals.

.   It also helps in resolving sibling rivalry.

· ·This stone is considered very beneficial for maintaining a balance between the male/female aspects of a person’s character. Besides, it brings harmony within one’s self.

· ·This stone is very beneficial for the addicts as it helps them to understand and release the cause of addiction.

· ·It helps in relaxing the overactive mind and helps a person to reach a focused state of mind.

· This gemstone directly impacts the crown chakra, it is very beneficial to gain higher ideals, knowledge, values, realization as well as higher consciousness.

· It is very helpful in Insomnia. It improves the quality of rest and sleep.

· This gemstone heightens the perceptive powers therefore it is very beneficial for the people inclined towards astral travel, occult as wel0l as out of body experiences.