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A detailed comparison between Ruby and Emerald: Which is better?

A detailed comparison between Ruby and Emerald: Which is better?

21 Sep, 2021 | Gemstone | Gem Selections Blog

Is Emerald more expensive than Ruby?

The eternal beauty, bright features, outstanding color make the gemstones precious and undoubtedly exceptional. Until recently, only emerald, sapphire and ruby are considered officially precious gemstones. All other gemstones are known as semi-precious.

Gemstones have been recognized as more precious stones than the normal stones available in the market, the high value and advantages make the stones more subtle and attractive to the people who believe in astrology. The precious categorization was reference to value; you can't believe but the fact is, a really fine ruby, emerald or sapphire can be priced higher per-carat than a diamond, which most people considered the ultimate gemstone. These stones carry exceptional advantages and look that make the stones more precious and unique.

The reason behind the excessive expensiveness?

We all know that Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but colored gemstones such as rubies and emeralds are the timeless stones that enlighten creativity. Even many jewellery shops give priority on making beautiful designs on ruby, sapphires and emeralds. Ruby and emerald are the timeless and valued stones that will never go out of the craze, these are not only famed for their beautiful colors but also their rarity and durability.

Although several factors impact the price range of these precious stones such as rubies and emeralds, most of the time, the difference varies on the four C’s. Ruby is always in demand more than the emerald and in the price range as well. However, both gemstones are incredible and valued, also historically commanded significant prices. Jewellery aficionados love to explore different jewellery designs of ruby than the emerald.

We have explored and gathered the facts on these two precious and highly valued stones and the biggest reasons what makes them so special and unique. Get a proper enlightenment on these.

What exactly are rubies and emeralds?

The rare Ruby

Rubies are easily identified by the bright and brilliant red hue that is formed from the same mineral type as sapphires.

Rubies gain their distinctive color from the presence of chromium within the mineral.

Myanmar has been the most demanding and recognized source to find ruby while other countries like Thailand, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are equally important sources to explore the precious stone.

Enchanting Emerald