Tiger Eye Gem


Tiger's Eye consists of compact fibers of quartz that has replaced asbestos fibers. The light reflected from the fibers produces a strong sheen or silky appearance, like that of the original asbestos known as 'Chiromancy'. The result is a series of minor gemstones differing only in their ground Colour and that of mobile reflection. A golden yellow reflection on a brown ground is called a Tiger's Eye. It may very from brown and brownish yellow to blue and blue grey. The Colours and clearly fibrous appearance once are normally distinctive. Despite its attractiveness, this material is not very valuable. Benefits: It is normally cut on cabochon, to bring out the chiromancy, but it can be cut into more or less round, polished pieces, for necklaces and pendants. Tiger's Eye is also used for carvings, boxes, ashtrays, and other ornamental items, although in these, the fibers are seen as strips of colour. Said to be a Gem that gives courage and self confidence. Widely used in Africa toward off evil eye and to give the wearer victory over his enemies. Who should wear it? The evil spirits stay away for the wearer of this gem. It improves energy and stamina and gives inner initiative and drive. Recommended for those with birth No. 2 or 7.  Tiger Eye Wheel Shape
Tiger's Eye Rs. 150.00 Per Ratti. 
Category : Mineral
Chemical formula : Silica (silicon dioxide, SiO2)
Color : golden to red-brown
Mohs scale hardness : 7.0
Luster : Silky
Specific gravity : 2.64 – 2.71
Weight :-