gulab attar



Chandan Ittar (Mercury)

Motia Ittar (Mars)

Gulab ittar(Venus)

Chameli ittar(Saturn)

Musk ittar(Attar)

Kewara ittar(Jupiter)

Khuskhus ittar(Rahu)

Rat Ke Rani Attar(Moon)

Shama Attar(Ketu)


Made after crushing gulab Attar (rose) petals, its aroma wards off depressions and brings vibrancy to the user. This gulab Attar is widely used in puja of Lord Ganesha. It also ignites a desire for romance and love. People unable to come to terms with loss of a loved one may carry sadness in their heart for years. When the body (heart or mind) are out of balance, we become more vulnerable to illness. gulab Attar may help gently dissolve blockages and feelings of disappointment and pain. 
Price :Rs.250.00 
VENUS    :    GULAB (Attars/Ittars)
MARS     :     MOTIA (Attars/Ittars)
MERCURY    :    CHANDAN (Attars/Ittars)
SUN    :    MOTIA (Attars/Ittars)
JUPITER    :    KEWARA (Attars/Ittars)
MOON    :    RAAT KI RANI (Attars/Ittars)
SATURN    :    CHAMELI (Attars/Ittars)
RAHU    :    KHUSKHUS (Attars/Ittars)
KETU    :    SHAMA (Attars/Ittars)