Green Amethyst

green-amethyststoneGreen Amethyst is one gemstone with an excellent lustre and transparency. Found in a number of cuts like oval, drop mixed cuts, step cuts, the distribution ofcolour in striking patches, and bands is characteristic. In case of Green Amethyst, when you see it with a lens, you will see inclusions and a series of discontinuous wavy parallel lines. Benefits: It is traditionally considered, a great help, in getting rid of intoxication. It is even said that if you drink wine in a cup made of Green Amethyst, it will loose its intoxicating effect. This stone is believed to heal females suffering from gynecological problems. Also widely used by people involved in occult sciences, as it is said to have impart strong spiritual powers. Who should wear it? The Greeks believed that use of this gem gave un-ending love and affection. Green Amethyst is a birthstone of people born in February but others may also wear it. This gem is useful in controlling one's tendency of getting distracted, switching so often from one activity to the other. Since it brings about financial stability, it is of great help to those who find it difficult to manage their financial affairs. 
Green Amethyst Rs. 250.00 Per Ratti. 
Category : Mineral variety
Crystal system : rhombohedral class 32
Crystal habit : 6-sided prism ending in 6-sided pyramid (typical)
Color : Colorless, Purple, violet
Chemical formula : Silica (silicon dioxide, SiO2)
Twinning : Dauphine law, Brazil law, and Japan law
Mohs scale hardness : 7–lower in impure varieties
Luster : Vitreous/glossy
Streak : White
Specific gravity : 3.49–3.57
Diaphaneity : Transparent to translucent
Optical properties : Uniaxial (+)
Refractive index : 1.543–1.553, 1.552–1.554
Solubility : insoluble in common solvents
Melting point : 1650±75 °C
Fracture : Conchoidal
Cleavage : None
Weight :-  
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