chameli attar



Chandan Ittar (Mercury)

Motia Ittar (Mars)

Gulab ittar(Venus)

Chameli ittar(Saturn)

Musk ittar(Attar)

Kewara ittar(Jupiter)

Khuskhus ittar(Rahu)

Rat Ke Rani Attar(Moon)

Shama Attar(Ketu)


This Chameli Attar is used in headaches and for getting relief from a heavy head feeling which result from excessive noise and general botheration. This Chameli Attar is also used in the worship of Lord Krishna. It is used for giving fragrance to the water with which Lord Krishna is given bath with. In all the rituals connected with Lord Krishna this is extensively used. 
Price :Rs.250.00 
VENUS    :    GULAB (Attars/Ittars)
MARS     :     MOTIA (Attars/Ittars)
MERCURY    :    CHANDAN (Attars/Ittars)
SUN    :    MOTIA (Attars/Ittars)
JUPITER    :    KEWARA (Attars/Ittars)
MOON    :    RAAT KI RANI (Attars/Ittars)
SATURN    :    CHAMELI (Attars/Ittars)
RAHU    :    KHUSKHUS (Attars/Ittars)
KETU    :    SHAMA (Attars/Ittars)


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