Buy Gemstones

Buy-natural-gemstonesIf you want to buy gemstones you need to be really careful because a lot of people can dupe you with inferior quality gemstones. Also when you plan to buy gems, you should always buy natural gemstones. This is because although artificial gemstones are easily available in the market and they are cheaper that natural gemstones, they just don’t have the sparkle and brilliance that natural gemstones do. Instead of buying artificial gemstones it will be a good idea to buy semi precious stones which may not be as good and exquisite as the real stones but they are at least the real thing. 


When you buy gemstones you should keep in mind that natural gemstones are nature’s gift to mankind. They are taken out of the earth by mining process. Most people have this misconception that natural gemstones are exorbitantly priced, but that is not the case. The price of gemstones is decided based on the quality, desirability and availability. When you buy natural gemstones you should keep in mind that certain gemstones are sold at affordable rates because they are abundantly available in nature. The quality of a gemstone is determined keeping in mind its color and brilliance and the number of inclusions it has. 


Natural gemstones are often subjected to certain physical and chemical treatments to enhance their beauty. For instance if gemstones are subjected to radiation and heat, their appearance improve tremendously. Some jewelers use different oils and wax to fill up the inclusions in a gemstone. This technique is widely used with rubies and emeralds. If subjected to diffusion the color of the gemstone deepens. You should avoid buying these treated gemstones, however, if you are on a tight budget then you can buy gemstones that have been treated with these methods. Again some people believe that all gemstones are treated to some degree or the other and it is not correct to classify them as treated or untreated. However, you should also keep this factor in mind when you buy natural gemstones. 


Now the question is where to find natural gemstones. Usually the reputed and well established jewelers stock natural gemstones of good quality. You should avoid buying gemstones from stores which have a tarnished or questionable reputation. At the same time, you should always insist upon a certificate that proves the genuineness and quality of the stone, because these certificates are provided by reputed and trustworthy organizations. Apart from buying natural gemstones from regular brick and mortar stores, you can also find good quality natural gemstones in online stores. 


These online stores, have a reputation of their own and they provide client testimonials which give you an idea about their reliability. At the same time you have a lot of choice on the internet to compare the prices offered by different stores and choose the ones that appear to be the most reasonable. Many of these online stores also provide certifications from reliable bodies that prove the quality and genuineness of the stones. Hence you can rest assured that you will not be cheated.