Why do people wear Emerald for Good luck

Emerald is attractive and counted stones in top three gemstones of the world.

Emerald Gemstone also known as the panna stone. This panna is related to “Buddha.”

Buddha is the of the moon, Moon is the smallest planet in the planetary system. Panna stone help the students to increase their intelligence. If weak students wear emerald then they improvement in studies, and they help to perform extremely well in exams. Panna is related to the Planet mercury hence to get help in new ideas.

 People trying to creative field like music, dancing, singing, painting, fashion design, interior designing etc. but they are an unsuccessful emerald help to get successful in their respective field.

Some advantages of emerald stone are-

Emerald gemstone is very lucky for people who born in the month of May. Panna has highly effective astrological gemstone.

According to Hindu Literature, emerald gemstone are small but more powerful stone on the planet that strong influence over native’s life.

Natural Emerald Gemstone benefits –

According to astrological, panna stone positive effect wearer. Panna increases the

Creativity and imagination power. It allows native to innovate ideas in very effective manner.

Wearing of good quality of panna gemstone helps to gain better income and prosperity. It helps in highly growth. Astrologers say people who wear panna they work in banking, finance, share market trading, etc. and growth in its respective field.

Emerald gemstone helps to gain intellectual qualities. Astrologers trust panna stone help for gain wisdom. Students who prepare for competitive exams panna stone is also beneficial for those students.

Panna stone benefits individuals who is suffering from physical disease like Ear, Eye, and Skin related issues. It also protects from mental disorder, stress, tension and depression, etc.

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