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When should we not wear Panna?

When should we not wear Panna?

21 Sep, 2021 | Gemstone | Gem Selections Blog

Is Emerald really for you?

Panna is precisely known as Emerald is one of the most powerful and attractive gemstones you can ever find!  This stone is basically ruled by the planet Mercury. Panna or Emerald has many benefits to offer and derives maximum advantage from these metaphysical properties. So, the gemstone should be worn in proper manner, you need to follow the exact procedures while wearing this specific gemstone. Panna enhances the soulful planetary gem therapy that energizes the planet Mercury. According to Vedic Astrology, it recommends a Mercury Talisman that has derived the benefits from favorably placing Mercury in the horoscope.

Hence, panna is a crucial factor in those people’s life who’s astrological zodiac is quite weak in finance and art. Not only that, panna helps to stabilize the physical position.

Let’s take a glance on the methods of wearing the panna gemstone

l It is always important to choose the right gemstone especially if it's panna to get maximum benefits that would help in all the affairs.

l There are different methods that are applicable in choosing the right stone for the right zodiac. Panna is also needed a right zodiac sign

Do take suggestions before deciding over stone, make sure that you need the panna urgently

Panna increases brain power, intelligence, memory and communication skills and speech. Those who got a weak astrological zodiac on these topics must buy this astrologically benefitted stone.

People who are suffering from stammering, asthma, ulcer, diarrhea and gastric troubles must wear this stone to get fruitful results.