What is importance of Krishna Janmashtami?

A tale of Janmashtami

When the dark knight arrives, when everything goes out of control, when we pray for good hope and something miraculous, at that time the almighty who listens to us and sends their avatars to save us from all consequences and give us a new world. The same thing happened at the Mathura when Krishna started the upbringing. The 8th day of Dark Fortnight in the month of Bhadon, a miracle happened. Lord Krishna was born to save us and distribute love, courage and truthfulness around the world. In Hindu mythology Lord Krishna was the eighth avatar of Vishnu who took birth to save the people. He is one of the most powerful gods and therefore his birth was a special purpose on Earth. It is believed that Lord Krishna was born to free the world from evil and for other reasons like to make people understand about love, faithfulness, destiny and more. Krishna was a great communicator as he always tries to save mankind through his greatest words.

Krishna also plays an important role in the book of Mahabharata. Lord Krishna preached about good karma and the theory of Bhakti. He was in the clutches of Kansa and he was born to teach the lesson to his maternal uncle and in this world he does not spare anyone despite all the ages who do wrong with people and society, through the defeat of Kansa we do take the lessons. Since the day of his birth, he knew that he appeared to destroy the dark night and bring a new sun to the world, as the time goes, Sri Krishna became stronger.

 Why has Janmashtami become an auspicious day in Hindu religion? 

People celebrate the Janmashtami at midnight because Lord Krishna was born in the midnight of Bhado month, moreover people love to celebrate this day in a special way as a kind of festival. One of the most grandest festivals is Krishnajamashtami, the day the lord took birth and is observed with much pomp and fervour. The importance of krishnajanmashtami is an undeniable occasion in India as on this day, one of the greatest gods was born as the incarnation of Vishnu to destroy all the evils.

Janmashtami has been considered as the auspicious day in India, the birth of Lord Krishna took place to dispel evil from the earth and spread the message of love and brotherhood.

The core celebration of lakhs of devotees

Every year lakhs of devotees in India make the fast and break their fast on the next day after midnight. People worship the lord by singing songs and aarti. Some shlokas of the Lord are also sung by the devotees and the idol is decorated with huge ornaments, sparkling and colorful clothes, mukut, jhumkas and many more. On this day, hindu temples are also decorated with lights and flowers, a host of activities in the places like, Vrindavana, Mathura, Jaipur, Gokul, Dwarika take place -where whole Krishna life resolved and the upbringing were made.

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