Properties and different mukhi rudraksha

Rudraksha Is one of the most important seeds used for prayer in Buddhism, Hinduism, and many other traditions. This seed is associated with Lord shiva For chanting mantras. There are lots of medical benefits to wearing it.

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Properties and different Mukhi rudraksha

The properties of rudraksha vary from each other and the following are various types and benefits of various rudrakshas.

One Mukhi Rudraksha

It is very rare and considered a very auspicious one. It is believed that it has the power of lord Shiva and the one who has it can rule the planet. It is very expensive and available in moon and round shape. It helps individuals from all the bad habits and leads a good life.

Two Mukhi Rudraksha

It represents Ardhanarishwara i.e. combination of Parvati and Shiva. It helps to remove all the bad effects of the moon and bring peace to the family. One who posses it will get the blessing from both Shiva and Parvati.

Three Mukhi Rudraksha

It represents the three gods Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. It helps to remove the evil effects of Mars and the sun. The persons with land issues need to wear it solve them. It brings good vibes in the family and removes all the mental stress.

Four Mukhi Rudraksha

It is one of the most commonly used ones in the world. It represents the four Vedas. The person who has this will get the blessing from goddesses Saraswati.

Five Mukhi Rudraksha

It represents the five basic elements like air, fire, water, sky, and earth. It removes poverty and brings harmony to the family.

Six Mukhi Rudraksha

The person with anger, mental and other body diseases need to wear it. It removes all of them and gives comfort in life. Any kind of disease can be cured by this.

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

It is a very special one and considered the favorite of the goddess of money i.e. Mahalakshmi. It represents the seven rivers. It removes all the evil effects of Saturn and helps people to live a long life.

Eight Mukhi Rudraksha

The person who posses it is considered the luckiest in the world as it represents the eight directions and siddhis. It helps to give analytical thinking and improves intelligence in life.

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha

It is a very rare bead and represents the nine dugras namely Shilaputri, Skandamata, Chandraghanta, Kalratri, Mahagauri, Kushmanda, Katyayani, Brahmacharini, and Siddhidatri. The person who has this will be free from stress until death.

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha

It is a very special one and represents the ten avatars of Vishnu. The person who has this can overcome all the difficulties in life and will be safe from ghosts and enemies.

Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha

This has very spiritual importance as it represents manifestations of Shiva. The person who has it can win over the enemies and get victory in life.

Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha

It represents the twelve Aditya’s of the sun. The person who has this will have very good leadership qualities.

Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha

The person who has this can is very intelligent and can excel in their career. Many actors, leaders, politicians, etc wear it.

Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha

The person who has this can achieve whatever he/she is dreamed of. It represents the third eye of Shiva.