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Interesting Facts About Janamashtami

Interesting Facts About Janamashtami

21 Aug, 2021 | Gemstone | Gem Selections Blog

Janamashtami, a cultural and religious celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna is a mark of festivity. Celebrated across India and beyond, it's a remembrance of Lord Krishna in the most vibrant way. It's beautiful that even after 1000 years, Lord Krishna is not forgotten. Through tales and habits, he is recreated every Janmashtami.

 Here are some interesting facts about Janmashtami that will bring you Janamashtami cheers while you celebrate it on August 30th this year :

1) Janamashtami is celebrated to remember and celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna :

The birth of Lord Krishna is seen as a witness of the destruction of evil with goodness. His birth is valued as an event of supreme importance while he holds value as a very popular deity.

2) Lord Krishna is considered to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu:

It's believed that Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The believers of Vishnu respect his avatar and hold him in high regard.

3) Janamashtami is celebrated on the midnight of the eighth day of the Bhadrapada month.

As the waning of the moon is witnessed in the Bhadrapada month which falls mostly in August or September, the cheer for Janamashtami bursts.

4) On Janamashtami, Lord Krishna's childhood is recreated in adorable ways:

While youngsters dress up as Lord Krishna, Makhan Mishri, his favorite sweet is distributed with generosity and joy. Dahi Handi is a lovely creation for his early childhood days when he stole butter and curd. 

5) Janamashtami and its regard makes people fast:

People fast on Janamashtami, making it more about the purifying of the soul. The devotees are willing to sacrifice food for his love and memory. Only fruits and water are consumed by them.

6) Janamashtami is a National Holiday in Bangladesh:

The essence of Janamashtami is of utmost value in Bangladesh where it is a National Holiday.

7) Janamashtami is celebrated outside India:

Janamashtami is celebrated outside in various countries including Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore,  New Zealand, Canada.

8) 56 varieties of food (prashaad) are offered to Lord Krishna on Janamashtami:

Food as the offering is witnessed across India while people prepare 56 varieties of food to offer Lord Krishna.