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Famous Legends and Myths Surrounding Blue Sapphire

Famous Legends and Myths Surrounding Blue Sapphire

28 Feb, 2023 | Gemstone | Gem Selection

Blue sapphire is one of the most coveted and sought-after gemstones in the world. With its deep blue color and high level of durability, it has been prized for centuries for its beauty and mystique. However, with its reputation comes a host of legends and myths that surround this gemstone, adding to its allure and mystery.

One of the most prevalent myths about blue sapphire is that it possesses powerful healing properties. According to ancient texts, the gemstone was believed to have the ability to cure a range of ailments, including eye diseases, headaches, and even mental illness. In some cultures, blue sapphire was also used as a talisman to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from harm.

As previously stated, blue sapphire is the most renowned among the sapphire family, but it is not the sole hue available. The coloration in sapphires is a result of micro-impurities present within the crystal structure. The presence of iron and titanium is responsible for the blue hue in sapphires, while vanadium produces a purple tint. The yellow color is due to the presence of iron, and at times, green sapphires arise from discrepancies in density.

Another myth surrounding neelam stone is its connection to royalty and power. Throughout history, blue sapphire has been associated with kings and queens, who often wore the gemstone as a symbol of their wealth and status. Some legends even claim that the gemstone possesses the power to bestow political and social power to those who possess it, making it a must-have for those in positions of influence.

In addition to its purported healing and transformative powers, blue sapphire is also believed to have a strong spiritual significance in many cultures. In Vedic astrology, for example, blue sapphire is said to represent the planet Saturn and is believed to have a profound impact on a person's life path and destiny. According to this tradition, wearing neelam can help to alleviate the negative effects of Saturn and bring about a greater sense of balance and harmony.

However, despite its many perceived benefits, blue sapphire is also surrounded by some darker myths and legends. For instance, in some cultures, the gemstone is believed to bring bad luck or misfortune to those who wear it. In others, blue sapphire is associated with death and destruction, and is believed to have the power to bring about disaster and tragedy.

Despite these myths, the beauty and allure of blue sapphire have endured through the ages. Today, the gemstone remains one of the most highly valued and sought-after gemstones in the world, prized for its unique color and durability. Whether it possesses magical powers or not, there is no denying the appeal of blue sapphire, and its timeless beauty continues to captivate and inspire us.

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